Access Control Systems

The commercial access control systems include a set of technical means that provide control of entrances and exits in rooms, regulate site visits, monitor and control all involved devices. Among the technical equipment there is a video surveillance system, personal identification, access control to the object. Electronic systems are most often used in financial, commercial, military, administrative institutions.

Commercial access control systems what does it consist of?

The access control complex is ‘assembled’ individually for a specific object. When choosing elements, you need to adapt to the characteristics of the territory and the specified purposes of use. As a rule, access control and management systems have the following components:

  • blocking device (electromagnetic locks, doors, turnstiles);
  • identifier (card, keychain, fingerprint);
  • controller a mechanism that determines the throughput of an identifier;
  • reader a device that determines the identifier code and transmits it to the controller.

Software and any additional equipment can also be included in the system, depending on its type. Such commercial access control systems are installed, as a rule, in banks, offices, private houses, administrative institutions, places of passage of cars, public premises. 

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When do you need a building access control system?

Building access control systems means of ensuring security and control of access to the premises. After activating the key, the system automatically identifies its owner and determines his authority. It is used to equip buildings and structures in cases where it is required:

  • additional protection against unauthorized entry;
  • control of employees’ working time;
  • restricting the access of staff or guests to any premises;
  • registration of personnel and visitors.

Several security methods can be used in the premises, the room access control system is one of them.

Biometric access control systems

When it comes to office space, the size of the company should be taken into account. For large organizations, controlling employee access is an important factor in helping to maintain discipline and accountability for each employee. For such companies, the best solution would be biometric access control systems, where everyone has their own unique ‘code’, which determines their access to the office and fixes their work schedule.

The biometric access control system allows people to be recognized by their physical individual characteristics (fingerprints or palm prints, iris retina, voice, facial features, hand shape, DNA, etc.). Thus, the quality of control and security of the system is significantly increased, the risk of unauthorized entry and deception of the system is reduced. 

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Card access control systems

If we consider, it can be noted that card access control systems include identification smart cards of company employees, information readers, controllers and ACS servers. An identification smart card contains information with which each employee is identified. Each smart card has its own access level, according to which the employee has the right to pass through one or another door at certain intervals. 

Door access control system

In cases where the office is located on one of the floors of the building, and the front door is at the bottom, then the door access control system can be the only correct solution to protect information, material values, and ensure the safety of personnel. A set can usually consist of the following ACS components:

  • Lock.
  • Identifier in the form of a simple and understandable key fob, magnetic card for most employees. 
  • A reader, which is a device for converting information from a key and transmitting it to a controller.
  • The main part of the system is a controller, whose task is to process the incoming information and make a decision about allowing the owner of the key to go through the guarded door.

Unlike large systems, it is more convenient to place the door access control system autonomously together with the reader. 

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