AC Repair Guide with Purchase of a New Home In Palm Desert California


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The home buying process can prove exceptionally overwhelming in Palm Desert. Many people have a good time with the aesthetics and cosmetics of the process. 

But then it gets down to the roots of the task. 

Often covers get blown, causing people to walk away from what might have been a dream home. That’s usually because expensive components, like the electrical, roofing, plumbing, or HVAC are in disrepair.

Staging means to act as a “smoke and mirrors” distraction from the things homebuyers should be paying attention for, like systems essential to day-in and day-out living. 

HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, along with maintenance and repair fees, plus energy bills, should be among the primary inquiries when considering a particular house for purchase.

The current homeowner should disclose energy costs, the age of the system, servicing information, and, generally, after a contract agreement, will provide the original paperwork for the make and model if available. 

Whoever is responsible for servicing the system can continue to do so since these technicians are familiar with the system, or you can choose to work with a trusted, reliable provider with whom you have developed a relationship – depending on the age of the HVAC.

For someone new to California with an HVAC original to an older home, contacting a reputable AC repair company like you’ll find at for guidance on replacing the unit with a new, modern, well-equipped system offering higher efficiency would be a genuine consideration. Making this investment upon moving in will assure positive returns given adequate care and upkeep plus preventative maintenance. 

The lifespan will extend to exceed what will likely be your lifetime in the home before another replacement will be necessary. As the homebuyer, you won’t be required to make this update. Generally, it’s up to the seller, but often sellers don’t want to put a great deal of money into a home they’re leaving.

Air Conditioning Repair Guidance When Purchasing A New Home In Palm Desert CA

Before you commit to a contract on a new home in Palm Desert, CA, it’s wise to allow a home inspector to check out the HVAC system. The following guideline will give you some ideas of what you should be paying attention for with the inspector. 

The outline allows for more educated inquiries when shopping for the ideal home. Let’s check out some highlights.

  • Design of the ducts

You might not believe the design of the ducts will make any difference, nor would that typically be something you inquire about when house hunting. Suggestions indicate a savvy shopper will have a few questions about the HVAC and the ducts for the home inspector.

First, a circular design is typically quieter and offers a higher level of efficiency over the rectangular. A home buyer gains respect from the inspector by specifically questioning leaks and whether these ducts have adequate design and size. There should be external insulation. It will often come on the interior, but the exterior should be the preference.

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  • History of maintenance & age 

The age and maintenance history of the unit needs disclosure to potential homebuyers. If this information is withheld for any reason, that should be a deal breaker. 

Typically around the 10th year, air conditioners are reaching the end of their lifespan. If well serviced and kept up, preventative maintenance biannually can often extend the lifespan. 

Generally, if you’re a seller with an aged system, the recommendation is to upgrade before putting the house on the market. Those looking for a new home want a low maintenance, highest energy efficiency, and optimum reliability unit. 

The buyer should inquire with the seller about repairs that occurred over time with the system, such as annual servicing, mandatory to sustain a manufacturer’s warranty. Preventative maintenance further extends the life expectancy, reduces defects, and reduces energy costs.

Generally, when repairs or servicing takes place, there are records left by the tech. Buyers should request to see these records from the homeowner. Aside from these records and speaking with the homeowner during a walkthrough, serious interest entails scheduling an inspection with an HVAC professional who can advise the facts before you commit.

  • Energy costs of the homeowner

A potential homebuyer will need to learn what they will possibly be paying in energy bills. Finding out from the homeowner what their recent utility costs are to see the genuine energy efficiency can help avoid initial shock. 

The suggestion is a home averages roughly $250 each month for utility bills, including the HVAC, water or sewer, and electrical. Check out ways to keep your HVAC running efficiently. Cooling and heating account for nearly half a home’s energy expenses according to the Department of Energy. Most sellers will be willing to provide copies of their current invoices.

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  • Location of the unit matters

If the house you are considering has an indoor unit with a location in the attic, there is a possibility of water leakage that can result in costly ceiling repairs. HVAC placed in the basement will create far less damage within the home.

For an outdoor condenser, unit placement is critical. The noise can be annoying if it’s close to a place where quiet is appreciated, perhaps a bedroom. If the house is in a flood zone, it should be on higher ground or in some way elevated. 

There should also be gutters positioned above the system. If these are missing or damaged, runoff (especially in the winter months) can damage the unit.

Final Thought

These are a few things to note when walking through a home in Palm Desert, California, for which you hold a specific interest. If, after the walkthrough, you want to consider the house further, it’s essential to schedule a separate inspection with a professional HVAC inspector. 

A seller will typically have the responsibility of making updates or repairs if those are necessary. But, if the seller chooses not to do so or if the house is selling in an as-is type capacity, you would need to decide if you want to follow through or walk away from negotiations. 

Sometimes investing in a new HVAC for a home you consider a dream in every other capacity is worth it since the system will give you so much return on the investment. 

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