A Visual Punch from Neon!

Be it the Las Vegas Strip to your favorite bar or diner; neon signs have that ability to make you feel nostalgic. They are part of history and a symbol of Americana. Immensely popular in the 80s and now, more so than ever!

Signs for the New Era

A lot has changed in recent years with the construction methods and materials used in neon. This is excellent news for interior designers as what is achievable in terms of designs has moved on in a big way. Neon recent popularity has been resurgent; just look at your Instagram or Pinterest feed. You will surely see beautiful splashes of color adorning many an influencers wall in the form of a trendy neon sign.

Express yourself with Bespoke Neon

Due to the new manufacturing methods and the use now of super bright LEDs, if you can think it, you can probably make it! Neonmama.com is a leading provider of set & custom neon signs are leading the charge in making neon more accessible to the mainstream consumer. Be this a beautiful cursive text sign of an inspirational quote, or custom image signs, the limitations that were once there are no more. The cost of such signs has also come down as too have the lead times in their manufacture. The running costs of these new-age signs have been brought down dramatically, due again to the use of LEDs. They don’t give out significant amounts of heat nowadays. Therefore, they are eco-friendly and safe to the touch.


Art Pieces Reimagined

You may think to liven-up your home with paintings and wall art, but have you ever thought about using lighting to the same effect. These Neon signs can be so impactful, changing the ambiance and warmth of illumination. You can play with color in any space. The neon signs available today can be so beautiful that they indeed can be considered art pieces in their own right.

A fitting design

You need to give the design and placement of neon signs a fair amount of forethought within your space. This is to avoid being garish or tacky. However, if done right neon can elevate a room’s style with a wow-factor to no end. You need to consider in the design decision the background and surrounding color pallets that have been used. Neon lights can be specified in a vast array of colors nowadays. So, too there are many different sizes available. The size you opt for can directly bear the overall effect of the piece, so it should be chosen carefully. 


A Source of inspiration

Many of the signs available today are inspirational or motivational messages. Designed to be poignant and thought evoking. Adding a focal point to a room, the messaging should make the viewer feel to have the biggest and best impact. Many of the standard designs on offer are right on trend and will bring your home well and truly up to date as a modern feature focal point. Don’t be scared to use neon lighting in a more traditionally decorated home, too, as if done right neon has a place in any setting!

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