Custom Wood Range Hood Kits by Archways and Ceilings – All You Need To Know

You crave unique aesthetics, don’t you? You love your home to be an expression of your personality! If you had your way, you would style up the heavens within your home with personalized wood range hoods! You’re in luck then; that is what you’d get from custom wood range hood kits by Archways and Ceilings!

At Archways and Ceilings, we specialize in breathing life into your austere home conditions. Luxury can be sustainable! Beautifully, ours is!

We only use natural, quality, and low-cost resources. That way, you can style up, be friendly to the environment, and yet smile to the bank.

Let’s get you smiling then, shall we? Check our range of services below:

Archway Kits

Have you sketched your arch’s designs? Or would you prefer us to draw it collaboratively?

Either way, we are your one-stop venue for all wood range hoods for your arches: be it bell curve, corbel, elliptical, shoulder flat, Tudor, or even window arches. We have the expertise to bring your custom arch wood range to life.

Ceiling Kits

Would you love to stare into your ceiling and feel a transcendence borne of your ingenuity? We can help!

Ceiling ranges can be tricky. It looks simple yet complex during implementation. Nevertheless, we can help you get the perfect fit. And that’s regardless of if custom design is as simple as radius ceiling or as complex as dome ceilings.

wood range hood kits2

Wall Design Kits

After ceilings, wall designs attract the most attention. So, if you look to make your home an envy of the neighborhood, let your theme ooze class. Don’t know how to design one?

We can delight you in one of our custom wall kits such as cyc wall, balcony rims, fireplace canopy hood, or wall niche. Furthermore, if you wish, you can use those defaults as a base for your personalized details.

Range Hood Kits

Our base for range hoods includes Arcadian, ballast, Bella, bell curve, and other modern styles. Also, we offer custom designs.

You could send in a modification to our base range hood or come up with your unique style. Whatever way, rest assured we have the just fit hood to beautify your kitchens and improve the aesthetic value of your home as a whole.

Why You Should Get Your Custom Wood Range Hood Kits by Archways and Ceilings

wood range hood kits3

Easy to fit designs

As far as DIYs comes, our kits are up there with the easiest to install. You needn’t engage a professional.

As much as you can use a ladder, have a friend to keep you company, and you can handle a few home tools; you’re good to go!


At Archways and Ceilings, we are no rookie wood-range manufacturer. We have been at this for over three decades now.

At that time, we have churned out over a thousand top-quality products to our customers far and near. To show you our products are top-grade, more than 80% of clients are returning customers.

Fast Shipping

To top our good deals, we offer fast shipping on all our kits. Within 2 to 5 business days, you’d have your orders at your doorstep.

You love that, don’t you?

Reach out today and book a meeting!

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