A Review of The Top Boiler Installation Company In The Market

Installing a boiler in your house can have an impact on the structural integrity and infrastructure of your house, as you need to provide a water source and power source. As such, such a job requires skill and expertise and not every plumber is equipped to do the job. It also gets difficult because you need to find a worker who can work on your time and at your convenience, without causing too big a mess and respecting the sanctity of your home.

To find all this under one roof used to be difficult, but not so much anymore. LS1 Boilers is a professional heating and plumbing company that offers boiler installation services whether it’s a new boiler installation or an old boiler’s replacement. They have a dedicated team comprising of trained and highly skilled technicians that solely take care of boiler installations. Their services have received recognition from some big names, including Worcester Bosch who has given LS1 “accredited installer” status.

Today, we’ll be discussing the services and facilities offered by LS1 and judge whether they go beyond the market practice in making the lives of consumers more convenient.



With LS1, you have the option of choosing what date and time work for you, whether you’re working or not, and whether you’re home or not. The team is quite friendly and helpful and will go as far as to help you move rugs, vinyl flooring, furniture, and any other equipment out of the way if needed. The team will then proceed to lay down protective covering on the floors where the job is to be done to ensure that no part of the home is damaged in the process.

The company advertises that most of their jobs are completed on the same day of the booking, so you won’t have to worry about sleeping through the night without any heating. Also, the team carries around a small vacuum cleaner to clean up after themselves. By the time you’re back home, you won’t notice a thing other than the new boiler attached to your wall.


LS1 repeatedly states that they have a fixed pricing system and the quotation you receive will be inclusive of ALL items. There are no hidden costs or “conditional add-ons” which you have to worry about. Furthermore, they also offer a financing plan, making their services more affordable and, by extension, more accessible to the general public. You won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for such an expense which, more often than not, is both unexpected and unwelcome.


A company’s work is also sometimes judged by the warranties that they offer. Looking at the warranties offered by LS1, one can consider it as an indication of quality work. The company offers a 12-year warranty which is, by far, the longest warranty period in the market, which includes free 24/7 breakdown coverage for the first five years. With such convenient and considerate service, fixed pricing, easy payment options, and a long substantial warranty, one can’t deny the value you get for your money.

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