Travelling Trailers – 7 Essentials for Road Trips


Road Trips

Are you planning a road trip anytime soon? Well, you’ll need to hire a car trailer if you are looking for a cost-effective, convenient, versatile and reliable solution to making your road trip successful. Portable trailers are increasingly growing in popularity in Australia triggering a stiff competition among trailer hire Melbourne companies in recent years. Trailers are ideal for short and long distances, moving accessories conveniently and are energy efficient. All you need to do is hire a roadworthy, insured and cost-effective trailer from a reliable Melbourne trailer hire company. Also; your vehicle must be in excellent condition to manage to tow the right trailer for your road trip.

After getting your trailer, the next thing should be packing for the road trip. What do I need for my road trip?

1. Driving license and insurance

The first thing you should pack when planning a road trip with your loved ones or friends is your driving license. You’re probably the designated driver for the day and you certainly don’t want to let your friends down. Make sure your driving license and vehicle insurance are valid before setting off for the road trip to avoid trouble with traffic law enforcers.
Driving license and insurance

2. Car-care package

Road trips can be adrenaline-generating especially when you’re well-organized. Your vehicle needs to be taken care of to serve you better. With that in mind; you should consider packing all the important car-care accessories including a reliable spare tire, emergency car kit, portable garbage can, jack/spanner, car’s manual and a copy of your insurance cover. Some of these accessories come in handy when the unexpected happens, so you should never set off without them.

3. Self-care package

Your road trip will not be thrilling unless you pack a self-care package for yourself. Skimping on yourself will not end up well when taking a road trip. For convenience, pack personal items including toiletries, toothbrush, extra clothes, toothpaste, sunscreen, wipes, laundry bag, flip flops, hand sanitizer, prescriptions, hand lotion, hairbrush, and make-up kit, shaving kit, towel, bug cream and UV sunglasses for sunlight protection. You’ll need all these at some point regardless of where you intend to travel to. Personal grooming and hygiene should be a priority if you want to have endless fun with your friends or family when on a road trip.

4. Road trip convenience accessories

For your road trip to be successful and enjoyable, there are essential road-trip accessories you cannot afford to forget packing. They include paper maps, notebook, pen, download app, flashlight, tent, penknife and bug spray. Besides that, you also need spare money to spend on your road trip. It might be a long-distance before you find an ATM. Lastly, you should pack a well-equipped first aid kit complete with bandages, safety pins, Band-Aids, Painkiller/Anti-Inflammatory Medication, and antiseptic just in case you need it.
Road trip convenience accessories

5. The Comfort Kit

By now, you’ve already got your trailer from a reputable trailer hire Melbourne Company and you can’t wait to get in your driver’s seat. But, hey. You need a comfort kit for your road trip. This kit should include Sunglasses, day bag, deodorant, blanket, travel pillow, comfortable shoes, travel mug for your beverages, UV window shade, reusable water bottle, warm clothing just in case it gets cold, reusable shopping bag, mints, and a towel. Never sacrifice your comfort for anything.

6. Entertainment kit

A road trip is not worthwhile without your entertainment kit. Road trips are supposed to be fun and playing your favorite playlist on the way will make your journey more thrilling. Of course, you can pack your favorite games to spice up your road trip. Are you planning to camp somewhere for the night? How about charging your mobile devices fully to enjoy watching the latest movies online or offline? It sounds like fun to me.

7. Food and water

Going on a road trip without food and water makes no sense at all. An empty stomach can easily mess up everything. People become easily agitated when hungry and you’re probably not ready to deal with hungry little ones when driving. Finding a good restaurant might take some time and you should be well-prepared. Pack enough snacks, fruits and adequate water to have mad fun.

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