3 Top Websites Every Architect Needs to Bookmark in 2019

From keeping up to date with the latest news and advances, to sourcing inspiration and curating design ideas, the web is a valuable tool for architects. These are the three websites that should be at the top of every architects’ bookmarks bar in 2019.

Architects Resources

This website has everything from tips to boosting your earnings to office chairs, fun architectural games and toys, tablet reviews, furniture designs and model kits. It is a one-stop resource for architects, students or anyone with even a fleeting interest in home design and improvement.
Architects Resources

Arch Daily

The Arch Daily website is the most visited architecture website on the planet. Not only does the site post daily news pieces from around the world of architecture, it also has an extensive design library with everything from gas stations to pedestrian bridges, skateparks, cemeteries and boathouses.

Arch Daily also publishes regular interviews with architects, offering readers an insight into their thought process and the inspiration behind their most thought-provoking designs. Lastly, Arch Daily also holds regular competitions, allowing up and coming architects to showcase their work. These are a major draw to industry newcomers.

The publication’s features also shed light on often-overlooked aspects of the architectural community. The blog has dealt with topics like designing for indigenous communities and the industry’s ethics guidelines for harassment. In this respect, Arch Daily is a major driver in bringing the architecture community together and advancing the industry through communication, introspection and collaboration.


Notcot’s tagline is “ideas + aesthetics + amusement”. Never before has such a vague and abstract tagline so effectively encapsulated what a website is about.
Notcot is almost like a Pinterest board for design professionals. It provides a showcase of interesting and obscure products and can act like creative kindling for professionals trying to spark mental inspiration.

Nowhere else online can you find 20m tall Viking toys showcased alongside Uruguayan craft beer labels and sleeping cat models. The blog itself hasn’t been as active in 2019 as in previous years, but the homepage provides a steady stream of wacky and interesting furniture and décor ideas that architects will have no shortage of uses for.

Other Honorable Mentions

Beyond these top three, there were several other sites that deserve an honorable mention in our list of websites for architects. Metropolis curates architectural and interior design news and showcases unique retail and residential projects from across the globe.

Dezeen is the award-winning, London-based architecture and design magazine which stands out for its industry journalism and interviews.
Other Honorable Mentions
Houzz has built an online community of architects and designers which are highly active in the forums to help solve problems and provide inspiration. The forums have dedicated threads and rooms for bathroom issues, kitchen problems, living room woes and garden setbacks and allow other industry professionals to offer assistance at any step of the design or construction/decorative process.

Any architect trawling the web for inspiration, assistance, news, or to connect with like-minded individuals should make sure these sites are at the top of their bookmark list. You never know what might start that next creative fire and what will come from it.

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