A Quick Overview of Different Types of Contractors in Commercial Construction


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A contractor is an individual or firm providing labor and services on a construction project. The labor or services are delivered by these contractors based on the terms of a contract between the project owner and themselves. Large commercial construction projects usually require a ton of contracting services to make it happen. Many times, several commercial contractors are appointed to perform the same work in different areas of the specific job. Here listed are different types of contractors that might require for a commercial construction project.

  • General Contractors

The general contractor can be a person or company contracting directly with the commercial project owner. Their role might be to hire, schedule, and manage sub-contractors and steer the ship. Some additional project-related aspects might also need to be handled by general contractors.

  • Excavation Contractors 

An excavation contractor is the first primary sub-contractor hired for the construction project. These contractors are responsible for digging foundations, drilling for columns, grading the land, and cutting trenches for essential utilities.

  • Concrete Contractors  

Concrete commercial contractors very well know how to frame and pour foundations, pads, floors, parking lots, pathways, and other concrete surfaces. Moreover, some specialty concrete sub-contractors provide the service of building concrete-reinforced slabs in their workshops and deliver them to the construction site.

  • Framing Contractors 

Framing contractors are hired to build the structure of a commercial building. Their job is all about metal and wood framing, depending on the project’s requirements. Moreover, they specialize in sheathing the building and installing windows and doors. 

  • Steel Contractors

For a building that doesn’t opt for wood framing, a steel contractor is needed to erect the structure. Their job involves building the steel beams, delivering them to the construction site, and installing them. 

steel contractor

  • Electrical Contractors 

The electrical contractor is hired to run wires through the building and install the electrical service box. In addition, their work also involves installing outlets, switches, and lighting throughout a building. 

  • Plumbing Contractors 

Plumbing commercial contractors are responsible for installing backflow preventers and water supply pipes to the necessary places in the building. Furthermore, they are hired to install and tie drains into the septic system or existing sewer. 

  • HVAC Contractors

The primary role of HVAC contractors is to keep everything comfortable around a building. They install air conditioning systems, heat exchangers, air handlers, boilers, and other systems to cool and heat the building. Sometimes, even they are hired to handle refrigeration tasks for large restaurants or cold storage warehouses. 

  • Flooring Contractors

The flooring contractor’s primary role is to put the finished floor down throughout the construction project. They will install different types of flooring, such as vinyl, hardwood, tile, or carpet flooring, depending on the building’s requirements. 


Whether an individual is a general commercial contractor or a commercial project owner looking for sub-contractors, finding the right contractors can be tricky. Therefore, when hiring these contractors, make sure to research thoroughly. For instance, one can consult construction-relation agencies or websites, use word-of-mouth, ask essential questions, consult their contractor profile, conduct a background check, and so on.

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