A Professional Guide to Choose the Right Concrete Coating for a Patio


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According to professional Concrete Patio Coating contractors, concrete is a robust material for a patio. However, it still will require some protection to last for a long. Coating the concrete patio with paint or sealer is an effective way to protect it from the elements and enhance its appeal. With the availability of many concrete coatings, a person might get a bit lost when trying to select one. This article talks about some professionally recommended factors considering which one can choose the best coating. 

  • Ensure It’s Weatherproof

The most important thing that one needs to consider is if the coating is weatherproof or not. After all, the main reason a person is hiring a Concrete Patio Coating contractor is to coat the patio and increase its longevity by protecting it against the elements. A patio is prone to scratch and dented and tends to fade in the sun. Moreover, heavy rain or snowfall can erode the concrete over time. Therefore, it’s best to get a coating that not only looks good but also protects the patio against harsh weather conditions. 

  • Durability 

Another major factor to consider is the durability of the coating. A cheap sealer or paint will not last for years, especially when exposed to harsh elements. An individual must reapply the coating regularly, costing time and money. Therefore, it’s better to spend more money and get a durable coating that can withstand the test of time. 

  • Texture

A person should be aware of the finish he wants his patio to have. for instance, acrylic sealers are ideal for moisture projection, but they can’t give a glossy shine. In such a case, one should opt for a penetrating sealer that soaks into the stone to give the patio a more natural finish. If an individual is thinking of using concrete paint, then also look for textured paints giving a glossy and matte finish. 

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  • Color

Color is also one of the essential considerations. When using a clear sealer, one can retain the natural color of a concrete patio. That said, clear coatings can also be tinted by adding color to them. Make sure to do a small patch test to know what the finished product will look like. 

  • Total Cost

Finally, the cost of coating the patio is the next important factor that no one should miss out on. A simple concrete sealer will be cost-effective compared to an epoxy coating, but the latter will give long-lasting protection. Moreover, the cost of concrete paint varies based on its quality. Since quality and cost have inverse relation, try to balance both aspects and get a reasonably priced concrete sealer or paint.


These professionally recommended tips will help a person get the best sealer or paint for coating a concrete patio. Furthermore, correctly applying a concrete coating is crucial for attaining its full benefit. So, one should hire an experienced Concrete Patio Coating contractor to protect the concrete coating from harsh elements and get a long-lasting result. 

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