The Ultimate Professional Plumbing Maintenance Checklist for Winter Months


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During winter, everyone loves to stay indoors where it’s warm and cozy. However, just like everything else, winter and temperature have a significant impact on a home, including its plumbing system. Many homeowners ignore what’s going on and avoid doing regular maintenance checks before or during winter. It could lead to some nasty surprises with a higher repair cost. Fortunately, professional Houston plumbing services suggest that people can avoid many plumbing problems with just primary care and preparation. Here is the winter plumbing maintenance checklist, which is never too late to tick off. 

  • Winterize the Water Spigots

Cold can affect the spigots severely when the material is exposed and has no protection. An individual can get insulation tape and wrap it around spigots, and water handles extending from the home into the open air. As per a professional plumber, it will protect the pipe and metal from freezing and a leak. The same can be done for any other pipe or line installed above the ground or exposed to air. 

  • Check and Monitor the Water Heater 

The water heater is the next appliance that can get a big workout during the winter. Homeowners can hire Houston plumbing services to prepare water heaters for winter. First, the tank is drained. Professionals will cut off the feed into the water heater, reduce the flame to a pivot level, and then the sink faucet is opened to release the remaining pressure. When the sink no longer flows, the tank drain spigot is opened using a hose out to the driveway. This is done to eliminate the sediment sitting at the tank’s bottom. 

  • Check the Main Water Valve 

No matter how many preparations a homeowner has made, there is always a potential for plumbing issues to occur during the winter. Now that it’s impossible to predict emergencies, professional plumbers recommend checking the home’s main shut-off valve for smooth operation. Make sure it’s functioning correctly and easily accessible. If the pipe frosts and bursts, shut off the main water valve to minimize the damage.

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  • Clean the Sump Pump

People often overlook cleaning the sump pump, but it’s an important task that can’t be ignored. If a sump freezes, it will not function correctly, resulting in a flooded basement. Therefore, homeowners should get the sump pump cleaned before winter and also check it after any heavy snowfall or storm. 

  • Small Leak Patrol

Every faucet, connection, and joint in the house is prone to small leaks either due to work seals or gaskets. Many times, it’s possible to stop the leak by a minor adjustment, tightening, or replacing the seal. However, homeowners sometimes need to contact Houston plumbing services to replace the end faucet or handle. 


 One effective way to protect the plumbing system is to enroll in an annual plumbing maintenance program with an outstanding plumbing service. Enrolling in such a program will ensure that the plumbing system is functioning correctly. Moreover, professional plumbers will perform necessary repairs and replacements before winter to prevent plumbing problems. 

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