A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Faucet in 2021

Many bathroom fixtures are available in the market, helping individuals make their restrooms modern with exclusive bathroom accessories. Many people prefer putting stylish materials for luxury in their washrooms. While style plays a crucial role in modern bathrooms, practical factors need sincere consideration. Plenty of designs available in the market at variant finishes and prices can leave the buyer perplexed about which one to buy. 

Here are several points to consider before opting for a faucet for your modern bathroom:

Faucets are long-time bathroom fixtures, and you would not prefer buying a faucet that does not suit your requirements or home. Therefore, one must keep in mind the accessory’s longevity, finish, and style. Buying a faucet is a difficult task. 

Do not be consumed by looks alone

Many individuals make the mistake of purchasing a faucet for its attractive appearance. While the appearance of bathroom fixtures plays a crucial role, one cannot compromise on the feature of the product and long-term dependability just because the faucet is fancy-looking. For instance, you should not opt for a bathroom fixture without considering the availability of its parts. You must be practical when purchasing a faucet and get in touch with different manufacturers and retailers before buying a faucet for your bathroom. Your plumber can also suggest which faucet is ideal for your washbasin and add a touch of style to your modern restroom.

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Watch out for overpriced faucets

There is no harm in spending a considerable amount of money on a faucet that gives you comfort in addition to fulfilling your needs. However, it is essential to consider your budget before purchasing a faucet. The price of the faucet should not be too high to give you that adequate comfort. You can spend approximately $50 to $60 for a bathroom faucet and about $100 for a kitchen sink. Modular bathroom faucets offer a host of features with spectacular designs. However, it is necessary to pay attention to quality if you are paying more. Sometimes bathroom fixtures may be overpriced, while at other times, it may be a quality index. If your faucet is costing you a lot, make sure that you are spending more to acquire extra features and reliability for that money. Another important consideration before opting for a modern faucet is that the faucet parts must be readily available after 5-10 years.

Consider the height of the faucet spout

Plenty of faucet designs flood the market, leaving the buyer with the freedom to choose the one they like. The sprout of the faucets is available in variant heights and styles. If you have a storage or shelf above your vessel, considering the size and reach of the faucet spout is essential. On the other hand, purchasing a bath faucet with a short height might cause the water to splash behind when you wash your hands. You may consider a vessel faucet that is tall, sleek, and striking for your restroom. When looking for a fixture for your kitchen sink, you may opt for a spout with a short reach.

Opt for a durable finish and a perfect match

Before choosing from various faucet finishes, you must ensure that the nearby fixtures, such as the bathroom cabinet and towel bar, match your faucet finish. If you are providing a modular finish to your bathroom or kitchen, you may want to change the hardware as well. Choose from many designs and styles in the market, such as polished chrome satin finish or bronze. You must also ensure that the faucet is long-lasting and easy to clean. For heavy usage such as commercial kitchens, you must prefer a finish for its long-term toughness. Chrome faucets are the ideal choice under such circumstances. Some people use vessel taps of stainless steel material and showcase dullness. However, such materials are prone to water spots that are hard to clean. You can also opt for a bronze finish if you have hardware with a brownish tone near the vessel. However, the surface coating is bronze.

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Handle the handles well

When you visit the market for purchasing bathroom fixtures, you may be confused about the number of handles you would prefer for the faucet. An important consideration is to count the number of holes in your sink vessel and the existing tap fixture in your bath. While double-handled faucets offer a stylish symmetry shooting in a traditional bathroom, a faucet with a single handle is more practical and convenient to use. It makes the task of adjusting temperature uncomplicated. Your sink may have more than two holes for different handles, serving other purposes. People who already have a common bathroom fixture cannot switch to a single-handle faucet. Therefore it is essential to check the label before purchasing it.

Choose a pull-down faucet spray

Bathroom fixture experts often suggest that one must opt for pull-down sprays in your bathroom as it is convenient and more durable than both side sprays. Homeowners with side sprayers mounted in the sink are mostly complaining of dribbles and leakage. While such a faucet may not be cost-effective, it leaves the homeowner in a fix. However, if you are looking for a pull-down sprayer for the faucet in your kitchen, you must install a soap dispenser to the empty sprayer hole.

Choose a faucet with ceramic valves

A vast majority of individuals are complaining of faucet leakage. Under such circumstances, it is sensible to opt for faucets with ceramic valves. While other valves may promise zero leakage and drip, they cannot match the durability of a ceramic one. There may not be a vast difference in the price of faucets with ceramic valves and others.

Whether buying fittings for your new home or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, purchasing the right faucet and ensuring its function and form is a daunting task. With the above guidelines, you can consider different options and cherry-pick the design and material that suit your requirements. Do not hesitate to mix and match varied styles and features to acquire the best of every type.

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