A Charming Retro House: 7 Ways to Get the Look

Home designs with a strong touch of vintage are all the rage these days. A lot of property investors are looking for everything from old barns to lighthouses to farmhouses. Those who live in modern homes try to recreate the unique ambiance of old houses by incorporating a lot of salvaged pieces from bygone eras and also work in design implements that take inspiration from previous stylish decades.

There are certainly plenty of design elements that take inspiration from previous stylish decades. So, if you want to give your living space a retro look, rounded up below are highly accessible products that will help you achieve such a goal.

1. Edison LED filament bulbs

Nothing screams old-fashioned lighting than filament light bulbs. Not only do they add a cozy, warm glow to home interiors, but there is a unique beauty to them, too. The good news is that the filament light bulbs you can find these days are so much better. They come in a large variety of designs, and due to LED technology, they are now dimmable and more energy-efficient.
Edison LED filament bulbs

Therefore, if you like to recreate the hygge-like illumination of earlier times, use a lot of Edison LED filament bulbs around your home.

2. Mod geo wallpaper

If you love the aesthetics of the sixties and seventies, consider using Mod Geo wallpaper all over your home. The overall style and feel of such wallpaper can give rooms that Austin Powers vibe.

If you’re feeling bold, try combining different patterns of mod geo wallpaper. Just make sure that one pattern is smaller than the other so that the visuals don’t look too busy and overwhelming.

And to make your home fully retro, interior designers recommend using your wallpaper abundantly. Take a DIY approach and let lampshades and even the insides of cabinets or shelves match the design of your walls.

3. Chests

Wood chests are an ever-present feature in a lot of life and home magazines. They possess this dated vibe even when they are new, which is just perfect for retro-style interior decorating. Of course, wood chests are not just used for aesthetic purposes because they are functionally versatile as well.

Aside from being a fantastic storage solution, a wood chest can double as a coffee table for the living room or additional seating for bedrooms. A lot of people even upgrade its vintage appearance by placing a crocheted doily on it or attaching a cushion to it, so it becomes a more comfortable bench to sit on.

4. Wood crates

Wood crates are products that frequently figure in retro-inspired homes, and they can be used in a multitude of ways. Fans of country-style designs, for instance, like utilizing wood crates as charming wall shelves. A cluster of these can hold everything from small appliances to books and all kinds of decor.
Wood crates
Meanwhile, other people like using these wood crates as table decor, trays, or kitchen storage solutions. There are so many possibilities with this product, but one thing is for sure: Whatever purpose you assign to it, a wood crate will always have that lovely retro or vintage feel to it.

5. Patterned carpets

Patterned carpets were also popular decades ago. During the mod era, geometric patterns for carpets were the most in-demand. They bring a splash of color and added texture to rooms. And for colors, the best options were turquoise, coral, beige, espresso, yellow, orange, and teal.

What you will appreciate most about using patterned carpets as floor treatments is that even if most of the decor in your home is not retro-inspired, the room where you place them will automatically take on a vintage feel.

6. Throw pillows

Adding throw pillows is an excellent way to create a more vintage appearance to your home because you can easily mix and match patterns for them. For instance, the gorgeous fabric patterns in the Biscayne Collection by Thibaut have similar elements that make pattern-on-pattern mixing (a retro styling trick) for throw pillows a breeze.

But that’s not all. These pillows also possess an old-world style because of their colors and prints, making them perfect for giving living rooms and other seating areas a retro vibe.

7. Interior decorative paints

Interior decorative paints do not only include the vibrant hues associated with earlier eras, but they also come in different finishes to bring a delightful texture to concrete surfaces.
Interior decorative paints
Some of the top choices for interior decorative paint that fit retro-inspired aesthetics are Oxyd (which creates a distressed look for ceilings and walls) and Fresco di Calce (whose color range consists mostly of bright and opaque hues.)

The “old is new again” style concept may sometimes seem intimidating to approach. Many think that it requires a lot of scouring through junk shops and flea markets. But with the abundance of vintage-inspired products on the market these days, creating a delightfully retro style living space is now significantly easier to do.


James Prathap is the General Manager at NGC Nafees, one of the leading distributors of wallpapers, floorings, and fabrics in the Middle East and South Asia. Formed three decades ago, the business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.

LinkedIn: https://ae.linkedin.com/in/james-prathap-5b089824

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