Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring


Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood flooring was only preserved for high-flying legal chambers back then, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is fast gaining popularity in the recent past. For instance, with the development and increased production of engineered wood, who wouldn’t want to have wood flooring? You may find yourself in this lot and many questions cloud trigger in you.

Like why should have an engineered wood flooring other than a typical solid wood flooring? Is it costly? How accessible is it? Well, please read on the following advantages of engineered wood flooring, and you’ll find the answers you need to convince you to adapt to this flooring style:


The foremost thing that you’ll love about engineered wood flooring is that they are not expensive in the long run, as many people would think. Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered wood would either come in standard or exact shape and dimensions which make it less costly to install. In addition to that, engineered wood flooring doesn’t need constant repairs which require a lot of money. Moreover, there is a great variety to choose from, and different grades come with different pricings to accommodate customers from all walks of life! To put it well, you don’t need to be some filthy rich person to afford this kind of flooring.

Easy installation

As mentioned earlier, engineered wood flooring will come in exact dimensions or instead specified shapes. That makes its installation easier as counting numbers. Also, you will only need a few hours or maybe a day to install the whole floor, depending on the size of the area. No complex machinery is required for the same; the materials too are simple such as nails. When you compare engineered flooring wood installation to solid wood installation, then you’ll realize that the former is way easier and better than the latter.


Engineered wood floorings are built for longevity and strength, and that one will stand as long as you keep high maintenance standards. For instance, when you dust the same daily, it will prevent any chances of using water to clean, which can possibly accelerate rotting. Also, if it is a must to use water, then you should only use a damp cloth, and make sure that it is soft water. Finally, just like furniture, you should also protect the floor from direct UV light. Excessive exposure to UV light may reduce its lifespan. On that note, you can make good use of blinds. In other words, the factory already did its part by using the best technology and durable materials, and therefore, you care has a lot of input in as far as durability is concerned.

Sanding and refinishing

After several years, you can decide to sand and apply a new finishing on engineered wood flooring. Moreover, re-sanding is a perfects way of recovering a floor that was fast succumbing to stains and old life. However, you must note that re-sanding will depend on the thickness of the lamella and if it isn’t thick enough, then you have limited times.

Limited expansion and contraction

You may stop a bit when you think about having wooden flooring in either the bathroom or kitchen. Well, with engineered wooden flooring, you should have nothing to worry about as engineered wood does not expand and contract anyhow like solid wood. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be careless with water or heat.
Limited expansion and contraction

No difference from real wood

Finally, you might be thinking that having engineered wood flooring will look bad because it isn’t really solid wood, from the forest. Well, that is not the case because engineered wood looks just the same like solid wood. If your visitor wasn’t looking to thoroughly inspecting the floor, then there isn’t any chance that he can differentiate it from solid wood. In addition to that, you also have the duty of ensuring that you get high-quality engineered wood flooring so that it looks as real as you would want it to. If you do it right, you’ll just have scored on all the perfect sceptics who would be ready to disguise the flooring.

Given the above advantage, there isn’t a reason why someone would not spend less on high-quality, yet durable engineered wood flooring. After all, don’t you want that classic high-flying look in your study room or office? Well, get engineered wood flooring today, and you’ll not regret even a single bit about it!

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