A Brief Guide to Office Chairs

If you are looking to replace your office chair and find one that still matches your desk, there are so many options to choose from. The available choices make it difficult to know which one suits you, therefore what you need is a complete guide to office chairs to make it easier when choosing the best option that suits your needs.

In one way or the other you will come across some of the following types of chairs:

1. Computer Chair

Computer Chair

A computer chair is a term that defines different types of desk chairs which also include ergonomic and armless chairs. Most chairs used on computers desks may not offer the ergonomic adjustments typical of any computer chair

2. Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs

You can refer to them as the upgraded computer chair with a high back and impressive design. The most distinctive feature on this seat is a headrest which can either be inbuilt or detachable.

The high back and headrest qualify the seat as one of the kontoritoolid you should be looking for, hence the name executive or managers chair.

3. Ergonomic Chairs

This chair features several simple ergonomic adjustments that enable the user to fit his or her sitting position comfortably. They are ideal for long meetings that need seats that can accommodate a wide range of body types and movements.

4. Drafting Stools

Drafting Stools

The seats are ideal for use in standing workstations because they accommodate easy switching between sitting and standing in seconds. Most of these stools come with limited ergonomic adjustments but with a wide range of movements moving up and down.

5. 24-Hour Tasks Chairs

These are heavy duty office chairs that can serve for more than 24-hours every day of the week. They have a reinforced seating area that can withstand constant use making them ideal for an army office base or 24-hour call centers.

6. Knee Chairs

Knee Chairs

This is an ideal ergonomic seating solution designed for use in an upright position by and encourages knee-like posture. knee chairs are popular before people started adapting to the office seating option.

7. Active Seating

The active seating office chair is taking over most office spaces. Active seats have more unique solutions such as leaning chairs that force the user to balance when seated. Balancing offers the user an opportunity to fidget and maintain alertness.

8. Big and Tall Chairs

Suitable for large users because of the broad seat and back. The seat supports more weight than a standard chair would. The big and tall chair support different weight categories, make sure you check the description of the seat to ascertain its weight before taking it to your office.

9. Petite Office Chairs

Designed for the small user who cannot sit comfortably on the standard office chairs because they are too large. They have a small weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, they have a short cylinder and shallow seating are ideal for people who are 5’4” or shorter.

Petite Office Chairs

Office chairs are available in different designs and each designed for specific sitting arrangements and office plan. Having a seat that fits not only the available space, but the functions of the user is an important aspect when thinking about an ideal office seat.

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