9 Ways To Upgrade Your Shower



Showers can offer you more than physical cleansing–it also helps you in resetting yourself spiritually and emotionally. While the regular stand-up body rinse is good enough to wash away the daily stress of life, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade your shower experience. 

This post lists some of the best upgrades to make even the simplest of bathroom setups as luxurious as possible. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Install A Glass Shower Door

Keeping water where it belongs can be challenging in the shower, especially if you have a flimsy shower curtain. In this case, installing a glass shower enclosure can help you seal your shower for good. 

Adding a glass shower door can lend a modern and luxurious look. It can make the entire space more spacious and provide continuity with the visual sight line. In addition, an added glass shower door allows for easy access to the shower, making it an excellent choice for aging family members or those with mobility difficulties. 


Over time, your bathroom tile grout gets moldy and dirty. While you can try cleaning your grout, it can take time and patience. In most cases, the stain or dirt is just too much. In such situations, you regrouting is a better option to refresh your shower area. 

It can be labor-intensive yet leave your shower looking brand new again. While you’re at it, you can choose a different grout color to help transform the walls and floors of your shower area or your bathroom as a whole. 

Add A Recessed Shower Niche

Also known as a shower nook or shower recess, a shower niche is a recessed shelf into which items like shampoo, soap, and other shower essentials can be stored. These add-ons are more permanent fixtures than alternatives, such as floor racks and shower caddies. They can hold much more than soaps and provide a more seamless and decluttered look. 

When considering this addition, consult a bathroom remodeling expert to design and complete the job, ensuring proper installation of the recessed niche. 

Replace Your Showerhead

Sometimes, a new showerhead is all it takes to improve your overall appearance and washing experience. Whether your current showerhead is already clogged with mineral deposits or looks outdated, getting a new showerhead can instantly transform your shower area. 

There’s a wide range of types and styles to choose from, including regular showerheads to luxurious rainfall types that mimic falling rain and feel like you’re taking a bath under a tropical waterfall. 


Add A Second Showerhead

What’s better than a new showerhead? Getting a second showerhead. Whether you’ve recently replaced your showerhead or want more shower coverage, adding a second one can help create a spa-like feeling in the bath. 

Replace Fixtures

Those little fixtures in the shower, including taps and even the shower door’s handle, can add more visual interest to your shower room than you think. As such, old and worn-out fixtures should be replaced to help keep your shower area, look up to date. 

Upgrading your shower fixtures is relatively cheap but can instantly transform the overall appearance of the space. You have numerous options and styles, whether you want gold metallic hues for a more luxurious feel or darker shades that lend a more mysterious and modern appeal. 

Build A Shower Bench

Adding a shower bench is one of the best ways to make your showering experience more enjoyable and encourage spa-like relaxation. Depending on the design, a shower bench can serve as extra storage space, provide better accessibility for those with mobility issues, or make scrubbing easier. Plus, it offers a comfortable sitting position if your furry pup needs a bath. 

Install Waterproof Shower Speakers

Adding waterproof shower speakers is a must-have if you like to listen to calming music or have a concert while in the shower. Whether you simply put a portable smart speaker on the shelf or invest in a built-in sound system in your bathroom, playing music can boost the overall relaxation benefits of a shower. 

Invest In A Steam Shower

For the ultimate spa experience at home, consider adding a shower that doubles as a steam room. Generally, steam showers are self-contained, standalone shower enclosures with a steam generator to produce humidifying steam. They often come with digital controls that allow you to turn the steam on, filling the enclosed shower areas with hot, soothing mist. 

Steam shower units can be relaxing, helping you feel rejuvenated in just a few minutes. Pair it with a shower bench and your favorite calming music from your speakers, and you can have the ultimate relaxation experience. 


As you can see, your shower area doesn’t have to be boring, where you scrub and clean yourself before and after work. By implementing any of the upgrades mentioned above, you can enjoy your shower area to the fullest extent, lending a spa-like experience from the comforts of your home.

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