9 Smart Ways to Create a Peaceful Bedroom

After a long day of work, the only thing we need in life is a bed to relax in, watch our favorite television shows and nod off. Before any of this is possible, it is important to have a peaceful bedroom in the house. Is your bedroom peaceful or are you struggling with capturing the essence of peace in there?

Let’s understand what a peaceful bedroom really means. A room with the most comfortable bed, splendid windows with a view, access to midnight snacks and noise reduction; what else! While there may be countless things to ensure your bedroom is the most ideal place for you to sleep in after the entire day, here are a few tips to create that peaceful aura keeping in mind all kinds of limitations:

1. Noise Reduction

noise reduction

In order to have a peaceful nap, it is important that all unnecessary noise is eliminated from the bedroom. Even if you shut the door and windows, there is still some noise from the streets or even someone watching television outside that can infiltrate your peace time. The best solution is having the room sound proofed.

Sound proofing the bedroom is possibly one of the best tips to block noise. From using foam tapes to acoustic putty, there are a number of cheap items to use for eliminating all outdoor noise from the bedroom. You do not even need a professional to do it. You can simply get these essentials and learn about simple ways to soundproof your room.

2. Comfortable Bed covers

comfortable bed covers
Ever imagine what silk bed sheets and duvet cotton covers feel like? This is your chance to experience them! Treat yourself with white, duvet cotton bed covers and enjoy peace unlike ever before.

Half of your stress will be driven away once you lay down and rest inside your bed covers. According to research, people who get a sound sleep on a regular basis are less likely to have mental stress and anxiety. Your bedroom becomes much more peaceful when sleep comes easily to you in the most comfortable bed covers ever!

3. Pastel Hues

When you head off to the bedroom, does the room make you feel anxious? It may be because of the colors you surround yourself with once you’re going to sleep. Research states that the brain reacts to every color around it. Ensure that your bedroom is a peaceful arena by painting the walls in a neutral color.

Surround your bed with pastel hues which relax the brain and let your body feel at ease. Pastel colored bed covers, furniture and walls let your brain relax and go to sleep earlier. Darker shades are likely to induce anxiety and develop stress.

4. Blackout Curtains

blackout curtains
As stated above, the brain feels at peace once it is getting sufficient sleep at regular basis. That is only possible if you are able to get up without an external force, especially on the weekends. In order to let the mind and body sleep till its requirements, the sunlight needs to be blocked from entering the bedroom.

The cheapest and easiest method to block sunlight is getting blackout curtains. These curtains are made up of thick fabric that hinders the penetration of sunlight through the windows and into the bedroom. While these curtains are available in pastel colors, their inner linings are thick to keep out the light.

5. Keep Out Electronics

While our entire days are spent working on our smartphones and laptops, it is important to keep the bedroom a no-smart phone zone. It gives the brain an opportunity to relax without checking the social media every hour.

When the smartphones and laptops are kept out of the bedroom, it gives you time to relax, release stress and put your brain at ease. Apart from that, there is zero strain on the eyes from using electronics in the dark.

6. Scented Candles

Aromas and scents have been researched to provide peace to the brain. Soothing fragrances let the brain and body relax at the same time. Enabling regulated scents in the bedroom let you feel relaxed every time you enter the room. Imagine how you relaxed you will feel entering your bedroom with your favorite scent spread everywhere.

Soothing fragrances such as those of jasmine, roses, lavenders and even of fruits are the best option. They allow your brain to release stress and enjoy the freshness in the air.

7. Soothing Music

If you’re a fan of soothing acoustic music, nothing relaxes the brain quicker than music! Entertain your brain and enjoy feeling like you’ve entered a spa with acoustic music playing in your bedroom. Avoid jingles and loud music as they turn up the energy in your body and you are unable to fully relax.

Try playing your stereo every time you enter the bedroom and let it work its magic! You can have a playlist ready for heading off to sleep for every night. But remember to change that playlist every other week so the brain does not feel bored!

8. Fresh Plants and Flowers

Keeping nature closer is another way of ensuring your bedroom is peaceful. Keeping fresh plants in small pots or freshly picked flowers in vases will let you feel closer to nature.

Not only do flowers have a scent of their own, they freshen up the ambiance and relax your body muscles. While flowers add a natural color to your bedroom and make it peaceful, plants release oxygen and improve the breathing space in your room. Scientifically, it enables a better fresher and cleaner breathing activity for the brain, which keeps it relaxed.

9. Never Leave Clutter

No matter how busy your lifestyle may be, ensure that the bedroom is always kept clean and clutter-free. If your bedroom has scattered things all around, it will no longer remain a peaceful room where you come home to unwind. The bedroom needs to stay organized.

The best way to ensure there is no clutter in your bedroom is to place only relevant items in there. There should be no room for extra pillows, cushions, slippers or even bed covers. Only keep out the required number of bed covers, pillows and blankets.

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