9 Hygge-Inspired Home Interior Styles to Snuggle Up With

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish concept that originated as a way to survive long, cold winters in Denmark.

In Scandinavian countries, winters can be harsh and the lack of daylight can trigger depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is why people seek comfort and coziness in the little things.

Hygge is more than just a word – it’s an ingrained part of the Danish culture. It’s a lifestyle that has taken the world by storm, but its meaning is deeper than just lighting a candle and sipping hot chocolate.

Wondering how to implement hygge in home interior styles? Find out below and see if you can incorporate some of this tradition into your own home.

What is Hygge?


Hygge means doing things that make you happy and comfortable: sitting by the fire, reading a book under a blanket, or wearing warm, cozy sweaters and socks.

It is also staying offline, having real, relaxed conversations with people, reducing stress and enjoying a hearty home-cooked meal.

Hygge also includes making your home as cozy as possible with minimalistic home decor (typical for Scandinavian countries), candles, fairy lights, blankets, and cleanliness.

Here are 9 hygge-inspired ways to give your home a makeover just in time for the Christmas season.

  1. Blankets and Pillows

To start building your hygge home, get the warmest, softest, coziest blankets you can find.

You can also use a weighted blanket when it’s freezing outside. Then, get as many pillows as you can fit onto your bed and sofa and you’re all set.

Go for knit, flannel, fleece, and cashmere fabrics to better experience the feeling of comfort. Hygge gives snuggling under the blanket a whole new meaning!

  1. Soft and Warm Loungewear

To fully indulge in your hygge home, you need the comfiest loungewear for the season. This means fleece robes, pajamas, fuzzy socks, and fluffy slippers.

Loungewear gives the home a whole different dimension of coziness, focusing on comfort at any time of the day.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend the entire day in your PJs (though you could if you wanted to). It just means wearing things that make you feel good and keep you warm.

  1. Candles and Dimmed Lights

Most winter design ideas include candles and string lights, but hygge home decor brings them to another level.

Hygge isn’t just about the candles; it’s about how they make you feel, the memories they evoke, and the scents that make your house smell like Christmas.

String lights or dimmed lighting are another way to implement hygge into your home.

They help you relax and wind down but also prepare your mind and body for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Books and Magazines

In the middle of winter, there’s not much to do when it’s freezing outside. If you’re spending your evenings at home, you have two choices: scroll through social media until you fall asleep or grab a book, make yourself a cup of tea, and give your brain some quiet time.

Having books on display is one of the most typical Scandinavian design trends.

People have huge libraries and magazine racks not to brag about them, but because they actually read them. Reading is a huge part of hygge, as it fits the concept of coziness and relaxation perfectly.

And sorry, but no, reading on an electronic device doesn’t count. It has to be a real paper book.

  1. Clean Lines

Minimalistic home decor is at the core of hygge homes. It’s all about simplicity, staying comfortable, and feeling cozy. Hygge homes are also impeccably clean and tidy – you won’t see items lying on the floor, messy shoes or clothes, or clutter.

The furniture is functional and simple, and it’s there to provide comfort, not status. Colors are neutral and go with everything, and there’s little sparkle, glitter, pops of color or shiny objects.

This expands to wall paint as well – use neutral, warm, earthy tones to contrast the cold, dark, gloomy days. This article explains how to choose the perfect hygge-style interior paint colors this winter season.

  1. Homemade Food and Drinks

Homemade food is a big part of the Hygge culture, as it reflects the values of the Danes and how they view the little things.

Food also has a social element and people gather together to enjoy a soulful meal, talk over drinks, and share their lives.

Home-cooked meals have their place in hygge design trends because of their meaning. It’s not about what the meal looks like, how expensive the serveware is, or whether you’ve used fancy ingredients – it’s about how it makes you feel.

A warm cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or apple cider are also part of the hygge lifestyle and home decor.

  1. Houseplants

If you want to “hygge up” every corner of your home, houseplants are the way to go. Whether you love small plants that can sit on the window or big plants that can liven up an empty space, it’s important that they make the home cozier.

Dried wheatgrass, fall wreaths, handmade flower arrangements, and natural dried flowers can all be hygge.

Again, it’s about the way you feel – if you water them with love, care, and mindfulness instead of viewing it as a chore, you understand hygge well!

  1. Sheepskin Rugs

Warm, fluffy rugs are another essential part of hygge interiors.

They’re especially valuable in the winter when you want to stay warm from head to toe. Place them by your bed so your feet can touch the soft texture as soon as you wake up.

Put a sheepskin rug by the fireplace so you can sit down with a book or get sheepskin seat covers for your dining room chairs. You can always get faux sheepskin and still keep the hygge feel of the room.

  1. Fireplace

A fireplace is the ultimate hygge symbol because it adds warmth and beautiful light to the room’s space.

There’s nothing better than a crackling fire in the winter where you can sit on a comfy pillow, sip some tea or hot chocolate, read or tell stories, and just relax after a long day.

If you can’t have a real fireplace in your home, try an electric fireplace heater that mimics the look, sound, and ambiance of a real one. Put a sheepskin rug on the carpet, some pillows, a blanket, and play some soft music.

It’s the definition of a perfect winter night at home.

Bring Some Hygge to Your Home Interior Styles

Hygge is a centuries-old concept in Denmark, but it’s been spreading around the world in all areas of living.

Hygge is not just a word – it’s a feeling and you don’t need a lot of money or expensive home decor to achieve it.

Need more inspiration for cozy home interior styles? Read some of the other articles we’ve covered on this topic and give your home a makeover.

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