8 Tips on How to Make Your Bedroom Cozy and Warm

Picture yourself in a bedroom where you can have a warm and fuzzy feeling that you can just doze off into a peaceful slumber anytime. Sounds amazing right? The bedroom is an area in your home where you can rest and sleep. It should be able to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Now, are you interested in converting your existing bedroom to a warm and cozy one? Here are eight doable tips to help you get going.

Your Bed, Your Style

Your Bed, Your Style

  • Your bedroom is your personal space where you can be yourself anytime. There is nothing cozier than adding personal touches to your bedroom. Here are simple yet effective ways that you may want to try:
  • Create a handmade clock. You may use old cardboard to make a DIY clock. Alternately, you may also redecorate an old clock using colored pens or poster paint. You may also change the numbers by using ready-made brass numbers for a vintage look.
  • Add a rustic wall art. You may hang your creation or an art piece from your favorite artist.
  • Make a photo collage. Use photos of family and friends who are close to your heart.
  • Add decors to your dresser. You may choose a specific theme to refurbish your drawers. For example, if you want a Harry Potter-inspired dresser, you may paint the drawers to make them look like piled luggage.
  • Be creative with your bookshelves. You may paint the sides or sort the books into a color-coordinated lineup.
  • Use old wood crates as a nightstand.

Go Neutral

Go Neutral
Skip the dramatic colors for the meantime as neutrals are now in. They give off a simple yet elegant vibe to its owner. Go for subtle colors of white, gray, and mid-tone brown. To complement the neutrals, you may add a darker hue of gray or navy blue to the bedding or pillows. As for the walls, stick to light colors to achieve your target look.

Maximize Layering

Maximize Layering
Layering is all about fabrics and textiles. It includes bedding, sheets, pillows, and even rugs. To aim for a cozy feeling, go for a casual, unpolished look. Pick cotton or wool blankets instead of pressed satin linens. If you want more comfort, try using a weighted blanket. According to sleep experts, weighted blankets help improve sleep and relaxation as it mimics a warm, comforting hug. Use a weighted blanket size guide to know which size is best to use. Lastly, add pillows of various sizes and textures for maximum coziness.

Play with Lights

Do you want to have a cozy bedroom plus an Instagramable background? Glam up your bedroom with fairy lights. Place the lights over your headboard, on top of your vanity mirror, or across your bedroom. As fairy lights are mostly made of yellow LED lights, they are your perfect choice to give your bedroom a warm, glowing vibe.

On a side note, if you are not a fan of fairy lights, you may opt for a small pendant light, candle clusters, or a globe bedlight instead. These lights also promote a warm, welcoming mood for your bedroom.

Go Green

Caring for the environment is one thing, and doing something to live with them is another. Embrace the green by placing a plant or two (or maybe more) inside your bedroom. Put it on your bedside table, on the side of your bed, or hang it near your window. You can pick a succulent, a fern, or an herb. Make sure that you water your plants and give it enough sunlight. Aside from being an air filter, indoor plants as room decors improve mood and enhance mental focus.

Try Something Out of the Box

Try Something Out of the Box
Think of something extraordinary to make your room warm and cozy. Why not install a huge net on top of your bed to add a fancy texture to your bedroom. It gives a romantic yet adventurous mood to the room. The net needs to be close to the fabric, which is soft to touch. If you cannot find one, you may use white mosquito netting. It is often available in hardware stores near you. To add warmth, you may use old driftwoods and convert them to a bedside table or as a wall, ceiling, or window accents.

Change the Walls

If you want an easy, cozy bedroom improvement, do something about your walls. According to design experts, a room may feel cozy and warm through carefully chosen patterned wallpaper. It should be paired with white bedding and subtle room accessories to put the focus on the walls’ patterns. You may try to go for a teal wall plus cream bedside table, white beddings with light orange pillow accents.

Warm Drinks Help

Warm Drinks Help
The last and most exciting tip for a warm and cozy bedroom comes in a yummy way. Try to serve yourself or a guest with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate paired with a soft cookie. While it is not a room improvement tip, the good aroma of your chosen hot drink adds warmth and coziness to your room.

If your room size and resources permit, create a coffee nook on the corner of your bedroom and install a personal coffee maker or prepare ingredients for making tea. You may also add a stash of freshly baked cookies for a more inviting aroma.

A Warm Reminder

Going home to a nice warm and cozy bedroom is what you’ll look forward the whole day while out for work or school. Try to mix and match the tips for a more personalized touch. Check appropriate colors that will compliment bedroom items. Utilize precalculated sizes for linens like a weighted blanket size guide for easy, hassle-free shopping.

Remember, there is no other person to whom you are doing this for but yourself. Be patient and work hard to achieve a cozy bedroom. Follow these tips and look forward to a cuddly bed, a good book, and hot chocolate on a cool, rainy afternoon.

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