8+ Tips for Creating a Cozy and Welcoming Guest Room

Want to be the host with the most, as they say? The old “toss a few pillows on the sofa and call it a day” trick simply isn’t going to cut it when your goal is to knock the socks off your houseguests. The best hosts make sure their guests feel welcome and comfortable in their temporary home away from home. Here are a few of our favorite tips for creating a sanctuary where your guests feel like they’re staying in a five-star hotel.

1. Make It a Décor Priority — Since it’s not a room most of us use daily or even weekly, the guest room often gets sent straight to the end of the home décor priority list. It’s often where old furniture goes when it’s no longer nice enough for the master bedroom or living room. But you still want to decorate with elegant home décor that makes the space feel cozy and warm. Here are some top tips:

  • Add a welcoming vibe with live indoor plants. No faux, please! Live plants ensure that the room doesn’t get neglected and also brings in fresh air.
  • Make the bed and pile it high with plush throw pillows. 
  • Install a full-length mirror that matches the style of the room. Your guests will need a place to get ready, and a mirror adds style and dimension.
  • Swap out bedding for the season. Summer and spring call for lighter, more colorful bedding. The winter months require hefty down and quilts.
  • Choose wall décor and art pieces that are less personal than the rest of your house. This isn’t the right place for your family photo gallery wall.

2. Spend the Night in the Guest Room — The best thing you can do to improve your guest room is to spend the night in the room yourself. Taking a vacation to the spare room will help you identify what’s working and what’s not. For example, you might find that you need to invest in better quality pillows, install a nightlight or hook the TV up to the Wi-Fi. Most importantly, it will let you know if you’re asking your guests to sleep in an uncomfortable bed. You’ll never know until you sleep there yourself!

3. Choose Hypoallergenic Bedding — The last thing you’d want is for your guests to leave your home coughing, sneezing or with a rash. Pick out soft sheets, pillowcases and shams made with natural materials that aren’t likely to cause any discomfort. Choose pillows made from antimicrobial materials so they don’t collect mold or dust mites that could cause your guests to have an allergic reaction. Natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus and silk make great hypoallergenic bedding options. If you keep the bed made at all times, even when you don’t have company, make sure to wash the sheets before guests arrive or refresh clean sheets with fabric spray.

Guest Room2

4. Make Sure There’s Ample Lighting  Rooms we don’t use very often may not have the best lighting. Burned-out bulbs or dusty ceiling lights can cause the space to feel dingy, drab and unwelcoming. Make sure the lights have working light bulbs that don’t flicker and choose a warm, welcoming color. If you’re using LEDs, go for a warmer white coloring rather than a cooler daylight shade. Don’t forget to add lamps to the bedside tables so your guests can read a book at night if they choose.

5. Don’t Forget the Chargers — No modern living space is complete without the ability to power up your devices. Give your guests access to chargers as an extra-special touch and to ensure that they have everything they need for a good night’s rest. Be sure to stock the room with the main kinds of charging cables for various phone types.

6. Stock the Room with Towels — One thing to ask yourself when planning out the perfect guest space is this: What might your guests ask for during their stay? One obvious item is a towel. Before your guests arrive, put out a couple of freshly washed towels so they feel comfortable showering without having to ask for a thing.

7. Fill a Basket with Travel Toiletries — It’s the same idea here! Rather than forcing your guests to ask for certain necessities, anticipate their needs before they even arrive. Fill a basket with travel-sized toiletries and bath products so they have what they need in case they forget something at home. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, a shaving kit, shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion are all excellent to have on hand.

8. Leave Space for Luggage Keep in mind that your guests will be arriving with suitcases or bags filled with stuff for the duration of their visit. You don’t necessarily need to invest in luggage stands (though those are a surprisingly affordable option), but make sure there’s a clean spot on the floor or a piece of furniture to stash luggage. Better yet, leave the dresser drawer and closet empty so your guests can unpack.

Guest Room1

Ultimately, curating the perfect guest suite is all about designing a space that makes every person feel comfortable and at ease. Even better if you set up the space in a way that accommodates every one of their needs, from a spot to charge their phone to a towel for a shower after a long day of travel. We hope these tips will help you do just that so you earn the title of pro host!

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