8 Reasons Why Fireplaces In The Home Are Back in Fashion

Throughout history wood burning fireplaces have been a much loved feature of the home environment. Timeless in design, they have appeared in countless interior design episodes throughout recent decades. However recently we’ve seen the popularity of  wood burning fireplaces increase drastically. Let’s take a look at a few of the (many) reasons wood burning fireplaces are back in fashion.

  • Charming appearance

Wood burning fireplaces provide a certain sense of charm which you simply don’t get from electric fires. They can act as the focal point of a room, drawing the eye to their delightful appearance. Wood burning fireplaces create a cosy atmosphere in a room which brings people together.


  • Efficiency

More cost-effective than standard gas and electric heating, wood burning fireplaces are likely to save you money in the long run. They provide a greater source of heat for keeping you warm whilst protecting your wallet at the same time. 

  • Independence from Utility Companies

By becoming less reliant upon gas and electric heating, you’ll have more control over the ever-increasing costs put out by energy suppliers. Combining a wood burning fireplace with central heating will keep costs down and provide a guaranteed source of heat in the event of a power cut. 

  • Eco-friendly source of fuel

Wood burning fireplaces provide a carbon neutral way of heating your home. Although CO2 is released when the wood is burned, that same CO2 is consumed by the tree the wood came from. This means that no additional CO2 is released into the atmosphere. As long as  you use dry wood that has been sustainably sourced, a wood burning fireplace is an eco-friendly method for generating heat in your home. 

  • Variety of Designs

Nowadays wood burning fireplaces are available to buy in all shapes and sizes, and there are some really cool design ideas out there.  A wood burning fireplace can be incorporated into your home as a minimalist feature or as the focal point. However you want your fireplace to look it’s bound to complement your home’s interior. 


  • Safe and easy to maintain

When used correctly, a wood burning fireplace is a safe source of heat which requires a minimal amount of maintenance. It’s important that you remember to clean your wood burning fireplace regularly and burn only clean, dry wood

  • Cosy atmosphere

There really is nothing that can beat the smell and look of a real wood burning fireplace. There’s no better way to spend a cold evening than sitting in front of a crackling fire with family or friends. Wood burning fireplaces provide the most cosy, relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy in your home. 

  • Increases home value

Considering all the benefits we have just mentioned, it’s probably not surprising to hear that adding a wood burning fireplace to your home can actually increase its overall value. A wood burning fireplace is a special feature which adds style to your home whilst making running costs more efficient. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that homes fitted with wood burning fireplaces are more appealing to potential buyers. 

These are just a few of the reasons woodburning fireplaces have come back into fashion. There are endless reasons people are so fond of woodturning fireplaces, however hopefully this list has given you an idea as to  just a few of the benefits of incorporating a fireplace into your own home.

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