8 New Things to Cook in a Wok

Does your heart go gaga the minute you spot chefs on TV stir-fry or flash fry meat and veggies in those heavy, big pans? Well, you can try them too with as much finesse. Their distinctive sloped design helps you to cook plenty of different things.

Are you scouting out for the best electric wok to whip up quick recipes to woo your guests? What if we said you could display a considerable part of your cooking prowess by going beyond stir-fries? It would be best if you browse through our detailed blog, which gives you plenty of room to exercise your ideas. Read on.

1. Popcorn


If you are a wok owner, you must know that popcorn is the easiest thing you can make. All you need is a cooking fat dear to you; olive oil, butter, coconut oil, or vegetable oil. 

Just add a few popcorn kernels into your seasoned wok. Keep the heat on a medium level. Once your kernels start popping, add ½ to 1/3rd cup kernels, with a tight-fitting lid, and cover the wok. Shake until the popping has subsided. 

Take off the wok from heat and season the kernels with other finishers and salt. The bonus: the sloped sides of the wok make it easier for stirring and mixing, but the exposure to seasoning is better.

2. Soups


The wok has many virtues, and it is the most versatile thing to cook soups. That is because soups cook faster in wok compared to traditional pots. Stir fry your veggies, add the stock, and bring the soup down to a simmer. 

Since a wok’s top has a large surface area, you can reduce the soup quickly. The stir-fry veggies before you add the stock will have a smokiness that’s called wok-hai. This subtle flavor splendidly transforms your soup.

3. Fajitas


We all love our chicken, right from chicken drumsticks to chicken nuggets and chicken fajitas. But, have you ever thought of cooking the fajitas in your wok? Yes, you heard that right, all you need is a little preparation time. Within thirty minutes, your fajitas will be ready because fajitas are akin to sit-fries, after all. 

Heat the wok over medium-high heat and stick four tortillas around the wok’s inside walls for a few seconds. Do that on each side for heating through. Later, stack and wrap them within a foil to keep them toasty. 

4. Eggs


A wok is a blessing for eggs. You can scramble them in large quantities. The minute you crack them open in a medium-heated, well-seasoned wok, they cook instantaneously, without sticking. 

Thus, make your eggs poached, fried, or scrambled. Cook them just as you would in a pot or skillet. The bonus: if you are poaching the eggs, the water will boil within no time in a wok.

5. Beef fondue

Beef fondue

An electric wok works like a dream for cooking beef fondue. Truth be told, your wok-cooked fondue will beat the regular fondue as there is no burning of denatured alcohol given the bigger surface area and it will not smell funky either. 

The wok works like a complete champ! However, be careful not to trip over your wok’s electric cord.

6. Burgers


It would be best if you had a medium-heated seasoned wok. In this, you will add a few drops of oil and swirl it to coat the utensil on all sides. Once your wok starts to smoke up, press the buns all around the metal’s sides and cook. 

Turn them with a metal spatula to cook until they are done and cooked well from the other side. 

7. Veggies and steamed fish

Veggies and steamed fish

Fill the wok with a couple of inches of water. Use any pot steamer, preferably a collapsible one, to steam your veggies and favorite fish. And, voila, your meal is ready!

8. Mussels


Set a well-seasoned wok on high heat for 8 minutes. Add a splash of oil and wait until it starts smoking up. Add jalapeños and garlic and continue to stir-fry until they turn light golden. After about 2 minutes, add bay leaves and mussels. 

Season with pepper and salt and keep cooking; occasionally stir until the mussels open up after about six minutes. Add wine and boil. Reduce the liquid by half and spoon them into bowls to serve.


The wok is one of the best kitchenware to use when you are cooking. Any recipe can be cooked in less than an hour. So, cook to glory and share any other recipes that you have with us in the comments below.

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