8 Easy Ways To Increase Your Mobile Home’s Value

One in 20 Americans currently lives in a mobile home. If you’re thinking of putting yours up for sale, you must be looking for ways to maximize your profit. Like any other property, the lucrativeness of the deal you obtain will depend on the condition of your mobile home, its unique selling points, and additional investments you’ve made.

Generally, improving the value of your mobile home will require “spending money to make money.” Fortunately, there exists an array of options accessible to all budgets. Here’s everything you should know.

Upgrading If Need Be

When listing your home, keep in mind what you were looking for when you bought your own. Generally, buyers will be looking for a property in tip-top shape, and new structures and appliances are likely to dazzle.

The “younger” your home looks, the longer your prospective buyer will imagine they can live in the home before having to invest in replacements. You should order a replacement for anything broken, cracked, or chipping.

Incorporating Smart Technology

Incorporating Smart Technology

Smart technology is deemed to increase the value of a home, because it allows people easy access to the functionalities they use in their daily lives. For instance, energy-efficient windows and home appliances, which have been proved to be a top desire of 89 percent of home buyers, make a home more sustainable while lowering its carbon footprint.

According to Legend Mobile Homes, if you can also manage to add a technological element, with a remote-controlled front door or ceiling fan, you are likely to spike the interest of any potential home buyers.

A Coat Of Paint Does Wonders

When it comes to repainting a home to attract potential buyers, it can be tempting to go overboard with vibrant colors and striking shades.

However, few paint colors have been proven to legitimately increase the value of a home; therefore, you may want to conduct research first.

You may also have to repaint components of your home, such as doors and window ledges, and you will want to use a unique, slightly unusual color, but not one too eccentric or uncommon to appeal widely. Mobile homes are usually equipped with VOG (vinyl-over-gypsum) panels, and these will require a specific primer and paint.

Replace Old Skirting

Replace Old Skirting

Skirting is often the first indicator of a manufactured home’s age, because it rapidly fades in color or begins to show cracks, from exposure to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or aggressive heat waves.

The skirting keeps the ground’s moisture and pests away from your home; therefore, it will need to be in excellent shape to attract buyer offers. You can use sophisticated faux-stone to replace your existing skirting, or invest in steel skirting, which is deemed the most resistant option.

Improve Your Community

When prospective buyers consider your home, they pay attention to more than its condition. The more comfortable and pleasant life in your community, the more satisfaction buyers will derive from moving in. If you can’t make significant changes, make sure your immediate surroundings (plot of land, garden, sidewalk) are in the most appealing condition. This will give potential buyers better first impressions, which can lead to higher offers.

Install A Carport

To some buyers, the presence of a carport in the home they choose to buy is non-negotiable, especially if they have a family or commute long distances to work. Therefore, even mobile-home purchasing businesses, like Legend Mobile Homes, are likely to offer you a higher price if your home is adequately equipped.

If you already have a carport, make sure it is cleaned thoroughly, removing leaves, debris or grime which may have accumulated over the years.

Move The Home To A Better Location

Mobile Home

If it is possible for you to move to a different town or even neighborhood with better access to schools, shopping outlets, hospitals, and the city center, doing so will generally increase the value of your home.

Moving to a 5-star park or an ocean-side park improves the appeal of your home, even to buyers interested in moving it to another location.

Prime location is a key driver of demand, and the more demand your home gets, the higher its resale value.

Create Payment Plans

Some buyers wish to avoid bank or credit union involvement when they purchase a home, at all costs. Creating a payment plan makes the purchase of your home more accessible to potential buyers, even if the final sum paid amounts to much more than your initial asking price.

This is because by leasing them the home, you create a necessity for them, as monthly payments must be made to retain the property. Consider enlisting professional fiscal guidance to set up a rent-to-own payment plan.

Mobile homes are incredibly practical, but the increase of their value with time entirely depends on your efforts and investments. If you’re looking to gain as much profit as possible from your mobile home sale, being willing to make partial replacements and payment compromises is essential.

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