8 Dreamy Bathroom Ideas to Inspire Your Relaxing Sanctuary

Your bathroom is your escape from the world. Want to give yourself a true spa experience? Create a relaxing sanctuary with these six dreamy bathroom ideas.

What if your dream home renovation was easier than you ever imagined?

For many homeowners, the dream renovation of their home starts with the bathroom. It’s not hard to see why: a good bathroom renovation can boost your resale value and enhance your quality of life.
Of course, the opposite is true. A bad bathroom renovation can hurt your resale value and instantly date your home.

So, how can you know which bathroom ideas are winners and which ones need to be flushed? Keep reading to discover the answer!

1. Your Own Spa

Even the biggest bathroom renovations start with a simple theme or idea. One of our favorites is nice and simple: turning your bathroom into your very own spa!
Your Own Spa

Things like better linen storage and a comfortable shower seat turn the bathroom into a place of relaxation. And having a space for extra scented candles can turn every bath into a spa-worthy experience.

You can also go big with this kind of renovation. For example, adding a window provides flattering natural light which will also help you relax.

2. Dreamy Tile

Many homeowners associate bathroom renovation with new tile. And when it comes to new tile, it’s important to choose something that is both elegant and functional.

If you want a floor that feels bigger and more open, you need to use large-format stone tiles. These create a seamless floor appearance that is absolutely unforgettable.

Or you can add some quick personality to the bathroom by using tile with a pattern. Guests expecting a blank, pale floor will be delighted to see bold designs practically pouncing on them from the floor.

Those on a budget can mix fancy tile on the floors with more basic tile on the walls. This gives you the classy look you are going for without breaking the bank.

3. Little Luxuries

Most people don’t have a lot of floor space in their bathroom. Therefore, the key to a good renovation is finding the room for a handful of little luxuries.
Little Luxuries
Some people add a steam room to their bathroom. Such a room doesn’t have to take up much space, but it does add a lot of unexpected class and functionality.

Others might replace their toilet with a bidet or add a bidet attachment to the existing toilet. It looks weird at first, but once you start using a bidet, you’ll never want to go back to using toilets in a more traditional way.

4. Importance of a Toilet

Speaking of the toilet: it will always be the centerpiece of the bathroom. And if you’re changing out the old toilet, there are a few rules we recommend you follow.

First, it’s fine if you don’t want to go for a bidet just yet. But we recommend avoiding the temptation of a “smart toilet.”

Things like talking tech seem more like a modern fad than an elegant addition. And it just adds more ways that the toilet may malfunction over time.

Instead, focus more on the pure aesthetics of the toilet. Shiny new porcelain or even stainless steel can make the space look clean and modern. And even more importantly, the new toilet will be long-lasting and easy to clean.

5. The Chandelier Statement

One of the biggest trends in any room renovation has been “the statement piece.” Want an unexpected statement piece for your bathroom? Try adding a chandelier.
The Chandelier Statement
A modestly-sized chandelier brings instant benefits to your bathroom. For example, it can make the space look bigger and more luxurious at the same time.

Additionally, chandelier lighting can be more flattering for you and your guests than those boring old fluorescents. And we can’t overstate the value of a bathroom that makes everyone feel better when they look into the mirror.

6. Shiny: Benefits and Drawbacks

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of a bathroom floor renovation. While this is an important renovation space, it is equally important that you figure out what kind of floor texture you really want.

Marble provides the classic look of Old World elegance. At the same time, it is a more fragile material and may damage very easily. Also, it may not add the resale value you are hoping for.

And shiny floors reflect (no pun intended) the kind of class and elegance you are going for with the renovation. But they are also more slippery and may provide a post-shower hazard for you and your guests.

Conversely, more natural surfaces are going to offer more resistance against slips. But they will also collect dirt more easily, making bathroom cleaning even more of a chore.

7. Vintage Vanity

The sink, like the toilet, is a bathroom fixture that we take for granted. And that makes it one of the best targets for any of your renovation plans.
Vintage Vanity
Our favorite example is incorporating your sink into a vintage vanity. You get all of the functionality of a sink without taking up too much space.

At the same time, materials such as vintage wood add unexpected personality to the room. This is the last place your guests will expect to find carved wood, and a vintage vanity is likely to win them over at first sight.

8. Walk-In Baths

Want to really crank the luxury of your bathroom renovation all the way to “11?” Then the best solution may be the use of walk-in baths.

First of all, such baths are highly accessible. It means guests who are older or possibly disabled can enjoy using your bathtub without any added effort. This is really important if your parents often stay overnight.

Second, you get a much deeper tub out of a walk-in bath. If you or your guests like to spend all night in the tub, this is the perfect option.

Finally, many such baths come with safety features that help keep you and your family alive. And there’s nothing more relaxing than peace of mind.

Bathroom Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you know some of the best bathroom ideas for your next renovation. But do you know how to make even a small bathroom look luxurious?

We specialize in helping people redesign and redecorate every aspect of their home. To get a whole new set of inspiration, check out our small bathroom designs today!

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