8 Common Home Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

If you’re a homeowner, you should take great pride and joy in your property. Whether you’ve recently moved or you’re a long-term resident, keeping your home well maintained will say a lot about your character.

Unfortunately, no matter how much love and care you put into your property, home emergencies can arise when you least expect them. Whether it’s a leaking pipe, clogged toilet, or gas leak, how you deal with the situation is what matters. Here are 8 common home emergencies that you need to be aware of, and what strategies to take in the aftermath.

Power Blackout

If you live in an area that’s prone to extreme weather conditions, power blackouts are inevitable. Heavy winds and storms can cause a power outage, so while there isn’t much you can do to stop it from happening, there are measures you can take to keep calm and relaxed. Purchasing a generator to give you power, cleaning up hazards like outdoor furniture, and having an emergency plan in place will all put your mind at ease and ensure you know how to act should a power blackout occur.

Power Blackout

Blocked Pipe or Toilet

If your shower drains or toilet are clogged up, the root cause of this may be the items and materials you have been putting in there. Toilets especially aren’t meant to handle anything other than toilet paper and what comes out of you, so if you’re the type of homeowner who is putting leftover food waste in your toilet, it’s time to change your ways. Excess hair can cause clogs in your shower drain, which can be difficult to fix on your own. You can contact a plumber Harrisonburg VA to clear blocked pipes and toilets.

Roof Damage

A damaged roof can be very expensive to repair if you leave it too long. Homeowners should do regular checks of their roof and be on the lookout for broken or missing tiles. If your downpipe or gutter is clogged, this can be fixed as a DIY job, whereas a damaged roof needs a licensed professional to sort out the problem. Any missing shingles need to be replaced immediately and make sure that you inspect flashing around valleys, chimneys, and vents. Your roof is there to protect all who live in the property. To avoid the risk of it collapsing in on your property, contacting a specialist is recommended.

Roof Damage

Broken Door or Window

Broken doors and windows can be a nuisance to sort out. If your front door or windows are damaged, they need to be fixed as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for a thief to spot the problem and gain entry to your property. Contacting a professional immediately is important. If you haven’t got the funds to hire an expert to fix your window or door, there are DIY instructions that you can follow to fix shattered glass in a window or door. It’s important that you follow the instructions thoroughly, otherwise, you could do more damage than good.

Gas Leak

A gas leak in your home can be highly dangerous and puts you and your loved one’s lives at risk. A spark or a flame in an enclosed area that’s full of gas can easily cause a fire or an explosion. If you start to smell gas or believe there is a gas leak, you need to ensure that anyone in your property is vacated immediately. There are other tips that you must follow, such as opening all doors and windows, switching off the gas supply, and contacting a licensed gas fitter who can repair the leak and make sure your property is fit to be lived in again. A gas leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and prove fatal, so you should never neglect the warning signs.

Faulty Air-Conditioning or Heating System

If your home is hot and stuffy in the summer months, or cold and chilly in the winter, this could signal a problem with your air-conditioning or heating system. There are various signs that can indicate your heating or cooling unit is in distress, such as if the unit is running with little warm or cool air coming out, or you have noticed strange sounds emitting out of the device. If your air conditioning or heating system is leaking water, you need to call a professional immediately who can remove or replace it.

Locked Out of Property

No matter how careful you are, you will be surprised at how many homeowners find themselves locked out of their property. Whether you’re taking out the garbage, locked out by your children, or lose your key while out and about, no one wants to be stuck outside their front door for any longer than they need to be. If you live alone, you should hide a spare key that can give you peace of mind should you lose your original set. If you’re friendly with your neighbors, giving them a spare key will mean you can access your property in the event of being locked out.

Water Leak

If you notice a water leak straight away and take action, the problem will only cost a few hundred dollars to rectify. However, if you ignore the problem, it can rack up into the thousands and cause structural harm to your property over time. A water leak can also increase your water bill, so it’s vital that you act fast. While you may want to fix the problem yourself, it’s best to leave it up to a professional like a plumber. Before a plumber arrives at your home, there are several steps that you should take, such as switching off your water valve and using water-resistant tape to cover the leak.

Water Leak

Any of the home emergencies listed can stop you in your tracks and cause major devastation to your property. The sooner you act, the more chance you have of preventing further damage and additional repair costs, so knowing how to conduct yourself and contacting a professional immediately is vital.

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