8 Best Australian Home Office Design Trends For 2020

This year’s pandemic has been heavy for a lot of people. Suddenly, almost everyone is being sent home with office work in tow. During this time, you can apply inspiration and motivation to your new workspace at home to make it a more relaxing and productive space to be in.

This Year’s Design Ideas

Converting a space into a home office doesn’t have to be fussy. 2020 trends are showing that less is more—simple and practical is looking like the overall theme for this year. You can choose to procure sleek and functional Prodigy office furniture that you can use to enhance your space. Some other changes you can make are:

  • Muted Colors

The colour of the room can impact not just space, but also psychology. Colours can help focus your energy, which leads to productivity and reduces stress. Because this is your home, you want to be in a space that you can stay longer in. The idea is to use something on your walls that won’t feel off or heavy while you’re working—plain colours such as white, grey, light green, and blue, and accents of gold and black are all great, relaxing colours that can make your office a better space to be in.

  • Minimalistic Design

This year has been about focusing on getting things done despite the pandemic. You want to keep the focus on your work, so it’s best to have an established working space without clutter. Surfaces and shelves should only accommodate the essential office equipment: computer, printer, fax machine, files, printing paper, and books. If you work with various office supplies, they must also have their own storage space.


  • Ergonomic Chairs

Since you’ll be spending lots of time in your home office, you must be able to work in comfort. For this reason, ergonomic chairs are a must as they can be both functional and fashionable.

An ergonomic chair conforms to your body shape. It also helps you avoid musculoskeletal disorders. It can affect your muscles, joints, ligaments, and more. If you have an ergonomic chair, it helps reduce tiredness, and help you feel better while working.

  • Window Space

Another popular trend is placing the office desk right where the window to benefit from the natural lighting it gives. Wide paned windows allow you to enjoy the view of the beautiful day outside while you work. You may also get inspiration from looking outside of your window. If your home office has dark-coloured walls and furniture, the light coming from your windows balances the look of the space.

  • Wooden Fixtures and Furniture

Calming fixtures and décor in the office are still going strong in 2020, and wood is one of the most popular choices for that reason. Wooden cabinetry are functional storage spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also practical. The design potential for wooden desks also has boundless potential since the construction is by hand. It is versatile and adapts basically to any room theme that you want. Wood also does not come with harsh chemicals and are eco-friendly.

  • Extra Storage

Another way of keeping your space clean is by getting storage bins or desks with many drawers. Storage makes it easier for you to keep supplies in one place where you can find them. You can also get storage options that you can hide away without compromising your space.


  • Layering Room Lighting

Natural light from the window may suffice during the day; however, when the day is late, you’ll want to use various types of lighting to provide the illumination you need. For this year, those who work from home can make use of desk lamps, recessed ceiling lights, and wall sconces. Layered lighting is adjustable and gentle to your eyes.

  • Indoor Plants

If you browse home office design ideas, you may notice that most of them include at least one type of indoor plant. Plants are always in style and include many benefits that you don’t want to miss. They are versatile, and the variety allows decorators and homeowners to add unique patterns that can liven up a room. They also help relieve stress, improve the quality of air, and help boost productivity and mood.

In Conclusion

Effective workspaces at home became even more important because of the pandemic. There are many benefits to working at home, like personalizing your workstation or amplifying the aesthetic with a few functional spaces. Overall, these trends aren’t very expensive, won’t add any more clutter to your limited space, and help you become more productive.

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