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8 Bathroom Design Tips

The bathroom is often the smallest room in a home, but when it comes to remodeling, the decisions can feel overwhelming. From floor to ceiling, toilet to tub, there are endless choices to make. Here are eight insider pro tips to help you make smart remodeling decisions.

Tip #1 Work with what you have

Dramatic layout changes can be expensive, so it’s best to keep the original layout if you’re on a strict budget. You’d be surprised how different your bathroom can look with new materials and fixtures. Consider swapping your existing vanity for a floating one or choosing a smaller size if storage isn’t a concern. Creating negative space can make your bathroom feel larger. Opt for a bathroom door that swings out or install a pocket door to save space.

Tip #2 Make fixtures stand out

While vintage-style fixtures are trendy, original fixtures from decades ago may have issues like hard water buildup or mold. If you like the vintage look, find fixtures that evoke that era. A vintage soapstone sink or glass doorknob can be stunning focal points. Mixing old and new styles can create a unique design. Just ensure the finishes are complementary.

Tip #3 Dare to be bold

Gone are the days when small spaces had to be light or neutral. Embrace bold choices that bring you joy in your daily bathroom use. Wallpaper with whimsical designs can add a wow factor to your bathroom remodel. Consider wallpapering the entire room or creating an accent wall for a colorful design. If your walls are mostly covered in tile, consider adding interest to the ceiling with a dark paint color or jewel-toned fabric.

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Tip #4 Rethink the tub

If your tub collects more laundry than water, it might be time to remove it, especially in the master bathroom. A tub that sees little use isn’t worth the space it occupies. Instead, transform that area into a stunning walk-in shower with a seamless bench seat and shelf. You’ll get more use out of it and save effort on cleaning.

Tip #5 Add a touch of luxury

Bathrooms often receive less attention in remodeling plans, but they endure constant use. When remodeling, focus on both function and form. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but consider adding a small luxurious element that brings joy. A towel warmer, smart shower head, high-end faucet, or heated floors can elevate your daily experience.

Tip #6 Personalize your design

Remember that what works for one homeowner may not work for another. Tailor your bathroom design to fit your specific needs and preferences. Consider safety features for families with young children or features that promote independence for empty nesters. Integrate options that align with your lifestyle and enhance your bathroom’s design.

If you need professional guidance, schedule a free consultation with experienced contractors to help you navigate the tough decisions involved in bathroom remodeling.

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