7 Tips to Remodel Your Small Kitchen

Designing and deciding on the interiors of your house is not a piece of cake. Well, not anymore at least! With a wide array of options in terms of the texture on the walls to the organisational structure, the rooftops and cabinets, it has become a herculean task to pull kitchen designs or remodelling all by yourself. A little help from us will add fuel to your wings of imagination and pace up the remodelling project. 

1. Plan before panning out

Marching on the quest to a cleaner and more organised kitchen makes no sense if you do not have a plan of action. Before getting immersed into the very crevices of your kitchen corner (which we hope you don’t find!), make sure you have a plan designed to a T. For instance, think about the plastic containers or wrapping foils you use to store the food. They must be kept at a place from where they are easily accessible even to that family member who never steps a foot in the kitchen. 

2. The right measurements

remodel your small kitchen

Your plans of remodelling can crumble to pieces if you are not careful with the measurements in your kitchen design. Irrespective of the fact whether you have ample of space for your kitchen or trying to optimise the available space, taking care of the measurements of your kitchen cabinet, rooftop, walkway and landing spaces is extremely essential for a kitchen makeover that does not hurt. For instance, the walkway should ideally be 42 inches wide if the kitchen only has one cook but should be 48 inches wide if there are two cooks to be accommodated. Similarly, the distance between the microwave and countertop should also be at least 15 inches. Visit farmers doors for the righty measured kitchen structures. 

3. The form and function relationship

While remodelling a kitchen, it is important to remember the form and function relationship. Especially if you are taking a vote for the kitchen island, it is essential to specify if you really need an extra piece of furniture in the kitchen to put it to good use or simply use it for an aesthetic effect. A kitchen island is a raised area which can have seating around it and can be incorporated as an informal eating space. A kitchen island can be used in case you do not have enough space for the dining table. On the flip side, you may also use it in your designs if you have ample space for the kitchen. 

4. Landing spaces determined

Landing spaces are crucial to your remodelling plans and knowing about some approximations in the landing spaces won’t really hurt. To explain it in the most basic terms, landing space is basically the gap between two or more kitchen structures. For instance, the ideal space between wall and sink must be 18 inches and that between sink and stove must be 24 inches. Similarly, the gap between stove and wall can be somewhere more than 15 inches. There are certain aspects of a kitchen where having a landing space is not just required for the aesthetic appeal but is functional to the kitchen. Landing spaces serve as prep areas where you can organise your ingredient list for the meal.

5. Kitchen amenities

While remodelling the kitchen pay special attention to amenities in the kitchen in addition to the basic structure. So to say, if you are planning to install a microwave, leave ample landing space for the same. Similarly, while fitting in the fridge, make sure that the fridge door does not collide with the kitchen door. 

6. Countertop space

remodel your small kitchen2

If you are one of those culinary enthusiasts, it is quite obvious that you will be needing much countertop space. But if you rarely use your kitchen, a huge countertop is a non-performing asset for you. Similarly, if you have kids in house you might want to have two different countertop heights to allow them to bake or cook alongside you.

7. Kitchen tools and appliances

Remodelling is also about planning where the kitchen tools shall rest. Tools such as knives or blenders, etc. need to have a dedicated space of their own so they are easily accessible. Knives must be kept out of reach of children while at the same time, must also keep the blades intact. 

So, like we said in the start, kitchen remodelling is not a piece of cake but with these quick tips, you can certainly bake your cake and eat it too!

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