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7 Tips to Keep your Rental Security Secure

7 Tips to Keep your Rental Security Secure

We all want to live in a safe house, but when you are a landlord, you are also responsible for your tenants’ security. Not only that, but you also need to protect a business asset for yourself.

A break-in is not only annoying to your tenants; a thief can damage your property or steal items related to you, especially the repaired properties, and of course, make your tenant’s house. You have a legal duty of care to keep them safe. 

It can be uncomfortable to think of someone destroying your property, but it happens, and ignoring any security concerns will not help. You can do many things to improve security, and they will not ask you to spend a lot of money. Let us explore some tips in this post to improve the security of your rental property. 

It is mandatory to have safety measures before you rent your home for both security and tenants. Safety measures are very important because it gives the advantage of advertising your property as a safe option that automatically adds value to it.

Think like a burglar

For those who rent an apartment first, their first line of defense in the apartment should always be avoidance. The best way to get the best avoidance is to put yourself in the shoes of an intruder and answer those questions which they would ask themselves: “What should I do when attempting a successful entry into a house?” Often, they look for easy access and escape routes that allow them to mix quickly.

Using this line of reasoning, installing peepholes, changing door locks, sticking to windows, and removing the unit number from your key will significantly reduce the likelihood of your password being compromised. Installing hard doors and strong bolts will only prevent intruders from filling their way to your apartment.

Secure the main gate

While most run-of-the-mill entrances are provided with single-cylinder balloons installed, you should upgrade to double-cylinder balls for better protection. In this case, if a thief can break the glass of the door handles, they are prevented by double-taboos from reaching and opening the door. In addition, you can advise your tenants to use the door jammer for extra security. If you need to evict a tenant, make sure you take the keys from them.

Pay attention to your windows.

Windows can be a simple entry point for a thief, especially if they are not securely secured. Often homeowners think about securing doors but forget about windows, which can make the point weak. If you are not already locked, install window locks, or consider changing your locks if you do not see the key. Don’t forget to make sure your tenants know where the key to window locks is, especially when you have a new tenant.

Go keyless

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Installing unlocked locks is a great idea for landlords, especially at the main entrance. Unlocked locks include mechanical keypad locks, as well as smart locks that can be activated by a key fob, a card, or even a smartphone. You reduce the risk of losing tenants, possibly forcing you to change locks, as well as giving you a quick and easy way to make sure tenants can no longer access your property – you Just change the code!

Don’t ignore outbuildings.

If you have a shed or other outline on your property, don’t forget to make sure it is safe. This is especially important if you are going to use reconstruction to store equipment for the maintenance of communal areas such as gardens. As you consider the outside of your lease, also look at any gates or fences to make sure they are secure.

Don’t let your tenants take the keys when they vacate.

When transferring to a tenant, make sure that you get all the sets of keys from them. This will not only give you mental peace but will also strengthen your new tenant. If you have any concerns that additional sets of keys maybe with a former tenant, it is safe to play around and consider locks. Or take our previous advice and be careless to save you time, money, and trouble next time.

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Final Words

Security of the rental property and tenants is the responsibility of every landlord. Paying attention to the security of your property and following the above tips can help you to create a safe and secure living space for your tenants. It will also help you enhance the value of your rental property. 

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