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7 Task Your Small Business Should Outsource

7 Task Your Small Business Should Outsource

Outsourcing tasks can free up time that you can use to focus on business operations and other core business management tasks. Small business owners who aren’t experienced in handling certain tasks can find expertise and reduce overhead costs by outsourcing. Here are seven tasks that your small business can outsource.

Small businesses often make the mistake of not outsourcing tasks. The fear of incurring expenses that could have been used to boost business growth is a core reason that motivates business owners handle all aspects of business management by themselves.

However, this is counterintuitive. By outsourcing tasks, small business owners can free up time for themselves. The time they now have can be better utilized in handling business operations and managing aspects that actually require their attention.

At the same time, a business owner who isn’t experienced in handling certain tasks, such as IT management or SEO optimization, stand to lose out at the end of the day. This is as certain tasks require expertise to be done well.

To avert this, some business owners hire new employees instead. This increases overhead costs and takes about from revenue that could have been utilized in operational management.

Outsourcing work can enable a reduction in overhead costs. Risk mitigation, by delegating work to experienced professionals, also helps smalls businesses out in the long run.

Here are seven tasks your small business should outsource.

1. Content Marketing


Content is used to generate leads among and build relationships with customers. But content writing is more complex than churning out blog articles and social media posts on a regular basis.

Content marketing needs to incorporate industry trends, market research, and the right use of relevant keywords to be able to meet the goal of finding new customers. Instead of spending hours on handling all these tasks by yourself, approach a freelance writer or a content marketing agency to get the best results from content marketing.

2. Social Media Management

Running multiple social media accounts is time-consuming. You need to post content regularly, understand how each platform can best be used to reach target demographics, and engage regularly with customers.

Customer engagement is an area that requires fast response. As a business owner, you’ll be forced to sit in front of a screen to monitor multiple social media platforms constantly. Why not outsource the work instead? This gives you time to handle your business, without having to worry about social media and customer engagement.

3. Virtual Assistant


There’s no need to hire an administrative department when a virtual assistant can handle all tasks for you instead.

Instead of spending time on sending emails, handling appointments, and other repetitive tasks, get a virtual assistant to do it for you.

4. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Maintaining detailed financial records is necessary to control expenses and manage your business’ cash flow better.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you can end up making a mistake that disrupts your cash flow management. You don’t have to hire a full time accountant either.

It’s less expensive to outsource accounting and bookkeeping. To add to that, you get accurate data from an experienced professional.

5. Graphic Design

From branding collaterals to social media posts, a graphic designer is a necessary addition to any business. They create your brand’s logos, letterheads, posts, videos, take pictures for brochures, and more.

Finding a freelancer or approaching a graphic design agency helps you get high quality work at the fraction of the cost a full-time graphic designer will cost you. Since you’re only paying for the work that they’ve done for you instead of by hours, you gain great work at a reduced price.

6. IT Management


Information Technology is an area that business owners should absolutely outsource. The work associated with this area is technical, and a small mistake could result in expensive repairs later on.

An IT expert can manage your database, add codes and widgets to your website. They also provide software as well as hardware support and even mine data for your business. They also handle security as well, which is necessary to protect your business.

7. Website and SEO Management

A good website is crucial for all businesses. Issues such as a non-responsive website design, bad navigation, slow loading times etc. can make potential customers click away from your website.

Your website also needs to be SEO optimized with target keywords so that they rank higher on search engines like the Google search engine.

Outsourcing the task to an agency or a freelancer ensures that your website is up to par, ranks better on search engines, and boosts conversions.

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