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7 Spot-on Techniques to Having a Long-Lasting Mattress

Do you find sleep as an escape from your day to day stress? Are you a homebody? Or do you just spend most of your time in bed? If so, you must be investing a huge amount of time on your mattress. In getting a mattress, you would most likely choose ones with high quality that would last for years. However, no matter how good the quality of your mattress is, if not well taken care of, it would end up getting thrown away in just a year or two. Of course, before you worry about maintaining your mattress, it is important to find a great place to get mattress discount prices so that you can find a mattress of immense quality without paying a premium price tag.

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No matter how much we want it to be, but mattresses cannot last forever. Maintaining, cleaning and preventing damage will lengthen your mattress’ lifespan. In order to do so, you must first identify the kind of mattress you are dealing with. Then, educate yourself on the factors that would cause damage on your bed. Lastly, you have to prevent those damages from happening and learn the know-how on how to keep your mattress in its best shape in order to achieve a comfortable sleep for a long time.

How to choose the best mattress in 2018?

The type of mattress greatly affects your comfort when sleeping. For you to be able to properly take care of your mattress, it must first make you want to keep it for a long time. Thus, choosing the type and specifications of your mattress must be taken into account.
There eight classifications of mattresses, these are memory foam, gel, innerspring, pillow tops, water bed, air bed, latex mattresses and adjustable bases.

Memory foam and pillow top are best for side sleepers, these beds offer the best support for your shoulder and hips. Per this article, the memory foam gives you the sensation of being surrounded by the best mattress. While pillow top is an additional layer of upholstery which allows your hip and shoulder to sink, letting you sleep in comfort.

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For back and tummy sleepers, gel, innerspring, water bed, air bed and latex mattresses are best for you, their specs might differ, however, they have one thing in common and that is to serve the best support for your back and hips without giving any discomforts. They can be modified to give you the best mattress you seek.

Lastly, the adjustable bases mattress is an all around the bed, since it can be freely adjusted, it can provide you the different types of mattress you want. It is best for people who have problems in sleeping and those who have different body pains, considering that the base can be adjusted and elevate your feet and head or add more support on your back area.

How to make your mattress last longer?
Maintenance and cleanliness is the key.

Cover your mattress

Cover your mattress
A mattress protector will certainly do its part. As soon as your mattress is brought to your home, covering it up with a thick sheet of cloth would keep your mattress neat and tidy. No matter how much we avoid it, stains would surely appear out of nowhere. Having a mattress protector would ensure that nothing reaches down to your best mattress.

Thou shall not jump on the bed

Thou shall not jump on the bed
Let this be a golden rule to all mattress owners. Besides being unsafe, jumping on the bed would definitely stress out all the springs and foam in your mattress. The springs on the bed will loosen or even cause a hole to be dug on your mattress due to consistent pressure applied from jumping. Check out mattresspicks.com for the precise instructions regarding box springs and its efficacies.

No munchies on the bed

No munchies on the bed
Eating on the bed is highly discouraged since crumbs might attract insects that would crawl onto your mattress, there are some cases wherein ants and mites colonize underneath your bed, these bugs eat up whatever is within your mattress. Bed bugs are no exception. If it is unavoidable to eat on the bed, you should regularly change your sheets.

Ensure a strong mattress support

strong mattress support
Make sure that your mattress is placed on a solid platform to ensure a strong foundation for your mattress. Place the mattress evenly and check if there are obstacles that would affect the mattress’ condition. A flat surface should be considered in order to level the amount of weight the mattress will carry.

Flip your mattress regularly

Flip your mattress regularly
A lot of people do not know about this, but it is essential to flip your mattress regularly. Flipping and rotating would be best in keeping your mattress in good shape since sleeping on the same side and area of the bed would leave tears, scratches and leave worn out areas where weight and pressure are commonly applied. Having it regularly turned over would extend its quality’s lifespan.

Vacuum and dry your mattress

Vacuum and dry your mattress
It is not advisable to wash your mattress with soap and water while brushing it. In doing so, your mattress will end up saggy and worn out in your first wash. Vacuum your mattress each time you flip it, or as regularly as possible. However, dust and other forms of dirt would find its way to stick onto your bed despite vacuuming it. Thus, bringing out on a sunny day and leaving it under the heat of the sun would surely do the trick in killing the bacteria that is left on it. Still, don’t leave it out for too long since it might damage the materials used on your mattress.

Clean stains immediately

When faced with cases wherein stains are found on your mattress, do not waste time, and clean it as soon as you discover it. Leaving it for too long might give you a hard time cleaning it off later. Also, stains can cause holes since the chemicals present will affect the material of your mattress. If the stain doesn’t disappear using a vacuum, mixing soap with water and spraying it on the stain while rubbing it off with a clean rag will clean it off.

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