Expert Advice On How To Improve Your Entryway


The path leading up to the front door, and the immediate area inside the house is often taken for granted by many over-worked and preoccupied homeowners. Aside from the obvious safety issues of keeping the walkway and steps clean and clear, an all too common impulse is to relegate this part of the property and house to the role of a way station for the excess clutter that enters and exits. You can avoid this complacency by getting an unbiased and fresh perspective from friends and neighbors about which part of your entryway needs help.

How To Make Your Entryway More Inviting

If you want your home to project a positive image, the point of entry should impart an overall impression of gracious welcoming and goodwill to all visitors. What follows are a few suggestions on how to achieve this.

Gently Curved Pathway

Gently Curved Pathway
A gently curved pathway to your front entryway gives guests a more relaxing transition from the street or driveway than just a boring, straight walk-up. This path should be able to accommodate two people walking side-by-side, and ideally not have any abrupt step-ups or downs. The bending sections of the walk are perfect areas for planting beds or shrubbery.

Potted Plants

Potted Plants
Continuing on the subject of plants, you can’t go wrong with potted plants on either side of the front door to act as a silent welcoming committee. This and a bright display of flowers along the walkway could help to lighten the mood of even the grumpiest guest!

Storage Space

Storage Space
Make sure that the clutter of everyday life is properly dealt with by providing dedicated storage space. Everyone visiting your home will appreciate and admire the creative way you chose to store the items like coats, hats, boots, etc. they remove at the door. If your house has a spacious foyer, you can then furnish it with a nice set of chairs or a bench, to give visitors a place to sit and remove their outerwear.


Lighting entrance
Lighting the entire extent of your entryway is vitally important, as the potential for a misstep or accidental fall is always a concern. Having subtle pools of a non-glaring light guiding the way to a safely lit doorway is one of the best ways to reassure visitors of your hospitality. Using lighter hued paints and wall finishes, along with reflective surfaces in the area just inside the front door will reduce the need for excessive lighting.


Foyers entrance
Foyers and vestibules are great places to display arts and crafts that reveal tantalizing aspects of you and your family, but since this is considered a semi-private area, it’s best to save the personal photos and mementos for other rooms of the house.

Little Amenities

trash bins, charging stations, and mirrors
Providing little amenities such as trash bins, charging stations, and mirrors will give your guests a chance to better acclimate to the house. Attention and concern for these details might seem trivial, but they do tend to leave a lasting positive impression.

These tips should help to make your home entryway more pleasing and inviting. If you need more specific and detailed advice on improving this or any other area of your house, please visit The Stylist Splash.

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