7 Smart Home Remodeling Ideas That’ll Allow Endless Compliments


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Does the idea of revamping your home sound intriguing? Absolutely!

If it has been years since you even changed a lamp in your room and you’re bored looking at the same interiors every single day, it’s time to remodel your home for good. 

We have come up with a bunch of the latest tips to help you with this dream project of yours. Whether you’re planning to revamp just a room or the entire house, these tricks will come in handy. Get the most of your space and increase the property value. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. The area under the stairs:

If you have a duplex house, you most likely have a staircase as well. People often don’t utilize the space under the stairs, which in fact is a spacious and hidden storage option. Moreover, you can also turn it into a reading nook, or make a supply room. And if you’re a Potterhead, there is nothing better than fulfilling the fantasy of being right inside your home. Great, right?

2. Upgrade the Kitchen (Specifically, the kitchen island!) 

Yes, not only it will provide you with more counter space and more storage units. You can also turn this space into a little mini-bar and place bar tools on the corners. This will up your kitchen game in a jiffy, and you can have guests over for a bit of wine n cheese party anytime you want. If you’re looking for cheaper options, you can revamp just the storage cabinets.

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3. Mindful of Colors:

The colors of your interiors tell a lot about your personality and taste. Make sure you choose the color combinations that are aligned with your aesthetic sense. If you want a peppy or dramatic vibe, you can go for a more considerable contrast of colors. NYC Painters have various color palettes and options to fit your taste and style. Apart from colors, accent walls are a great way to add depth and dimension to a room.

4. Experiment with Shapes: 

Well, traditional furniture designs have become a thing of the past. We suggest ditching the boring rectangular furniture and trying out new styles and designs for a modern look of your interiors. Go for an L-shape couch or curved countertops to add some sass to your otherwise understated looking room. But while you experiment with these ideas, make sure they don’t take up a lot of space in your homes and allow easy movement.

5. Right Lighting:

The right kind of lighting in a room can transform its entire look. The best ones are lights in warm tones to give a cozy feel and depth to a room. You can go for ceiling lights and beautiful lamps to accent the corners for an added dose of oomph.

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6. Baseboard Drawers for Maximized Space:

Don’t leave the space under your bed and cupboard unused. Not doing something about it, will waste a lot of space. Try adding low baseboard drawers for that extra storage space inside your abode. This can emerge as true blessing for mobile home renovations as you will be able to maximize the smaller amount of space effortlessly.

7. Don’t Ignore the Exterior:

When you’re done with the interiors of your home, take a look at its exteriors as well. Add a few accents on the front porch to give it a warm and welcoming appeal. Some more straightforward ways to revamp the exteriors are adding a small garden, repainting the mailbox, or adding shutters for a quirky look.

Well, home renovation can be fun, but it requires your full attention. The process can turn out to be therapeutic, as well. Make your homes a representation of your personality and leave the guests amazed. Thirsty for more? Explore more ideas on our page and get inspired.

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