10 Ideas To Decorate Your Game Room


Decorate Your Game Room

Let’s step back from the hustle-bustle that is life and have some fun. 

Whether enjoying a quiet movie night or inviting friends over for a round of games is your idea of fun, a fully functional game room is a great plus. 

And what could be as fun as relaxing and hanging out in your game room if not designing the said game room? Alright, maybe not exactly. But designing and equipping your game room will probably be the most enjoyable home decoration you’ll ever do. And you get to show off your best toys to guests at the end.

First Things First…

Just the thoughts and possibilities can be overwhelming. But, hey let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

First, you’ll need to consider the essentials you need for a functioning and accessible gaming room. Which will mostly be determined by the kind of games you play and how much you entertain. 

To help get your creative juice flowing, we’ve gathered some of the coolest game room ideas. These chosen designs offer varying ideas that will be suitable for just about anyone. From newbie and pro players, regular guest entertainers, large families, to everyone in between. It doesn’t matter if you have an assigned room, large or minimal space for your game room, there’s a design to get you started.

Here are the 10 Ideas to decorate your game room:

1. Go For The Board Game Theme

Go For The Board Game Theme

A simple game room featuring a four-corner table surrounded with chairs at the center of the room and a side shelf display of your game collections. This space should be properly equipped with adequate lighting for easy reading of rule books, cards, and character sheets.

This is a perfect setting if your idea of a game night is playing board and tabletop games with family and friends.

 Consider investing in a sturdy table and comfy chairs. Tables with corners are best for tabletop games compared to round and oval tables.

This type of game room can be easily set up in a separate room, dining, or living area depending on how much space you have. If you live in a tiny apartment, you can opt for a foldable table and chairs that can be easily put away after the game

2. The Classic Home Theater 

The Classic Home Theater

Equip your game room with the latest tech gadgets to enhance the visual and audio effect of your movie, audio, and video game experience.

A large flat screen tv or gaming projector is the highlight of this game space with comfortable sitting chairs. 

For a more cozy effect, you can design the room using warm and neutral colors.

3. A Simple Chess Corner

Simple Chess Corner

If all you fancy is an intellectual game of chess, you don’t need much to set up a relaxing game area. With a small round table and two comfortable armchairs, you’re good to go.

You can have this set up just to the side in a reserved area of your living room, study, and any available space.

This can also be an addition to an existing game room, just off to the side.

4. Large Game Rooms

Large Game Rooms

There’s simply no better way to show off your impressive toy collections than with a large game room supporting all the best pub games and large games. 

Think pool, darts, foosball, table hockey, shuffleboard and you’re the one with the coolest game room.

You’ll need a large open space for tables and other playing accessories. In the case of darts, a reasonable amount of space between the player and dartboard is required.

Depending on the size of the room, you can have as much game as you want in here. But if you have to work with limited space, then getting just your favorite game tool is best. 

A little preplanning, measurements, and strategic arrangement will help maximize space. Pool table, hockey table, or foosball ball should stay in the center of the room. The shuffleboard can take up a side along the wall and the dartboard can be mounted off to the side where players can stand and aim.

5. Large Game Room + Cocktail Corner

Large Game Room + Cocktail Corner

Have extra space in your large game room? Why not put in a bar and make it party-ready. Having a cocktail corner in your game room will help keep the fun flowing.

You can save up more floor space for games by utilizing compartments under the table and seat to store darts, chips, balls, and other tools.

6. Add an indoor slide and swing

Add an indoor slide and swing

Want to get the kids even more excited? Then build an indoor slide that connects the game room with another room. Also, adding a swing set can be even more fun.

That way, you recreate the exhilarating fun of visiting the playgrounds right in your home. 

And during the cold winter season, kids won’t miss going to the park as much because of your built-in twisty slide that takes them right to the fun room.

7. Bring the Jungle Indoor

Bring the Jungle Indoor

If you’ve got kids with excess energy on your hand, engaging and utilizing their enthusiasm can keep them well occupied. Why not send them on an adventure into the jungle?

 Well, an indoor jungle staged in your game room can be lots of fun for the kid without stepping foot in any real jungle.

With some decorative grass, plastic wild animals, mud, glue, water, some sheets, you should be able to put together a modest jungle.

You can also install a climbing wall and attach a monkey bar at the top for more adventurous playtime.

With so much to keep the kids engaged, trust me they won’t have time to pester you.

8. Dining/Ping-pong Dual purpose Table

Dining-Ping-pong Dual purpose Table

If you love playing ping-pong and will love to have a tennis table in your home, having a dual purpose table is simply irresistible.

First, it is a great cost-saving and space-friendly choice especially if you don’t have much space to spare for a game room.

Also, it’s edgy and unexpected which can easily surprise guests. Imagine having friends over for a meal and then suggesting a game of ping-pong afterward. Naturally, they will be expecting a traditional table but then you waved the magic wand and they’re staring at the dinner table turned ping-pong table with the net in place.

While they’re still recovering from the shock, you simply hand over the ball and rackets. Let the game begin!

9. Enjoy Some Tunes

Enjoy Some Tunes

While you can always play cool songs from your electronics, there’s something to be said for making the music. Equip your game room with classic musical instruments of your choosing. It’s a great way for people who’re not actively playing any game to pass time. Plus, the background sound can be soothing for all (assuming the player is any good)

For a retro flair, consider having a jukebox play songs to entertain your guest.

10. Basketball Court/ Gym Theme

Basketball Court-Gym Theme

If you love playing basketball, then having a mini version of a court in your game room is right up your alley. Even if it’s just a simple basket attached to the wall.

For people whose way of relaxing is blowing off steam, having one or two gym equipment in there sounds about right.

A sandbag is a great start as it can easily fit in anywhere amongst your games.

Designing your game room can be a lot of fun if you allow it. Just remember to make the space fitting to your taste and make it so you. Don’t be too focused on impressing others even though it will be nice if your effort pleases people. Remember you’re the one who will use it most. And it’s the one place in your home you can turn to for solace during trying times.

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