5 Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems to Be on the Lookout For


Automatic Transmission Problems


Your Mercedes Benz automatic transmission system is a critical part of your vehicle, and you must pay close attention to it if you want it to serve you for long. If not addressed early, you may need to do a complete overhaul of the automatic transmission system, and this can cost even more than replacing the car engine. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that any slight problem is fixed right there and then. In this article, we explain five of the most common automatic transmission problems that you need to look for to ensure that your Mercedes automatikgetriebe is always rimed to give you maximum performance.

1. Shaking or Grinding Sensation in Gear

Normally, your automatic transmission operates smoothly anytime you shift gear. But if you feel shaking, slipping, or grinding whenever your car shifts gear, it is an indication of a problem. These symptoms often appear insignificant when the transmission system starts having problems. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the slightest change since it is only going to get worse with time. If the jarring sensations refuse to go away anytime the car shifts, you should bring your car to us to check it out for you. From experience, we can tell that when automatic transmission systems have damaged gears, they tend to progressively get worse.

This is a critical issue that you should have addressed fast. We are qualified experts in automatic transmission, and we will be able to check it out and fix the problem before it develops into something else.

Grinding Sensation in Gear

2. Transmission Fluid is Low or Leaking

Have you noticed dirty dark red or bright red fluid on your garage floors or driveway? Ifs so, chances are that what you are seeing is Automatic Transmission fluid. Since transmission fluid isn’t supposed to ever leak, it usually points to a serious breakdown of the transmission system. This can be very costly to fix, possibly even more important than installing a new car engine.

 Transmission fluid, unlike oil, does not decrease because of mileage and time. Therefore, if you realize that transmission fluid is low, there may be a leak. Low fluid level causes a lot of friction which can lead to the breakdown of parts and ultimately lead to a complete breakdown of the transmission system.

Is low leaking or low transmission a serious problem? If nothing is done, this can become something incredibly serious. Fortunately, there is a way out. It could be that all that’s needed is to replace a hose or a leaking gasket. It’s why it’s advisable to always attend to any problem you notice however small.

In summary, low fluid levels and leaks are not normal occurrences in your transmission. If you spot the problem early, you are likely to part with just a small amount to have the problem fixed. Come to us right away and let’s fix it before it develops into a bigger problem.

3. A Burning Smell

Any hint of a burning smell is bad news for your car. It is something that should cause great concern. The overheated fluid is among the top causes of this burning smell that you hear from the transmission. The transmission fluid plays a critical role to protect this complex and expensive system and to ensure its smooth operation. In most cases, it lubricates the system. 

When the lubricating abilities of your transmission fluid diminish, as often happens after a long mileage and time, there will be damaging friction in all of its parts. Friction leads to the parts breaking down and debris accumulating. Eventually, all these problems will result in a total breakdown. You don’t want this. It is expensive and inconvenient

The cause could be as simple as a low level of transmission fluid. This is usually brought about by a leak since transmission fluid doesn’t decrease because of time and mileage, unlike motor oil.

In summary, if you get a whiff of a burning smell from your transmission system, it’s most likely to be a big problem. If you can, check the level of your fluid. If not, pay us a visit to find out what could be causing this.

4. Gears Slipping

Have you noticed your car losing traction at the most critical times or slipping out of gear? If so, you have a big safety issue to deal with. If you notice that your Mercedes Benz transmission slips in and out of the gears when you are driving, or you have to constantly give it the gas to avert a problem, that’s a scary thing.

It’s the work of your Mercedes Benz’s computer to inform the transmission when it should shift from one gear to the next. It is what asks your car to add power to the wheels. It means that something has malfunctioned, and it’s why no signal is being sent.

Gears Slipping

In recap, slipping gears indicates a serious fault in your transmission. If you notice that its transmission is slipping, you need to approach a top mercedes automatikgetriebe reparatur away. If your car isn’t in a position to be driven to our yard, just give us a call. We will tow it for you and you won’t have t pay anything for the towing.

5. Your Car won’t Respond or engage when in gear

So your car doesn’t respond when you put it in reverse or drive, or it does so after a delay? All these issues could point to a problem in your Mercedes Benz automatic transmission. It could be indicative of an issue with your fluid. The protective power of the fluid could have degraded, causing it to become thick. If the problem is identified early, all it could take is a simple exchange of the fluid.

Another possible explanation for this could be a computer system malfunction. In that case, all that may be needed is to reset the car’s computer system. This is easy to do, and you can accomplish it yourself. You only need to disconnect the car battery for some 30 minutes and let the computer reset. In case none of these work, do not hesitate to call us to check it out for you.


The vast majority of Mercedes Benz automatic transmission problems start as minor issues that many people ignore. If you ignore things like those we have talked about often leads to costly repairs. To keep your transmission in tip-top shape, make sure you contact a qualified specialist at the earliest possible time. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

We will tow your vehicle for free and even give you a rental car to use during the time that we are fixing your vehicle. We have experienced specialists that do perfect transmission repair and installation.  Call us today. 

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