The Best 2020 Black Friday Mattress Deals You Need to Know


Black Friday

What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

After Thanksgiving, a big rush of discount shopping happens to kick off the gift-giving season. Thanksgiving lands on a Thursday and the Friday immediately following is considered Black Friday. Stores open early and offer doorbuster deals and discounts throughout the day on specialty items to help people get their Christmas shopping done.

Cyber Monday became a big focus with the increased presence of stores like Amazon and Walmart who’s clientele wanted to skip the lines and chaos of waiting at brick and mortar store and instead shop deals online. There are still tons of great deals happening online and many stores offer discounts online and in-person.

Black Friday is November 27th and Cyber Monday is November 30th!

How to choose the right mattress for you

According to SleepStandards, choosing the right mattress is extremely important! This is the place where you’ll spend a large majority of your nights and getting the right one for the right price will help your wallet and your back this holiday season.

Be aware of the different types of mattresses. Do you want a pillow top, firm, or soft mattress? Do you need any special equipment like a lift or cooling? What size mattress do you want? Be sure to know if you’ll need or want a box spring as well.

Keep an eye on prices. Some brands will run higher prices just because they are more visible but with coupon codes and Black Friday deals, you can score a great mattress at a great price.

Black Friday Mattress Deals

Let’s get to the good stuff! We’ve found 44 of the best mattress deals for you happening this Black Friday!

Awara: sign up for $300 off your mattress: deal ends 11/27

When you sign up for Awara’s newsletter, you can get $300 off your next mattress purchase now through Black Friday! Each mattress is made with organic materials and features wrapped coil springs to help support sleep throughout the night.

Brooklyn Bedding: 25% off sitewide: deal ends 11/11

Take 25% off your next purchase at Brooklyn Bedding! Each mattress is made in the US and no matter what type of mattress you buy, you get a 120-night trial to make sure it’s the right one for you.

Nest Bedding: 20% off your entire cart: deal ends 11/15

The coupon code HIBERNATE applies 25% off a customer’s entire cart with no minimum purchase requirements. Let’s get 25% off all the items in your cart when you order online with Nest Bedding!

Saatva: $200 off any order of $1,000: deal ends 11/9

One of the best-reviewed mattresses of 2020, Saatva is giving you a chance to ring in the new year with the best of the best offering $200 off any order of $1,000 or more! Featuring Lumbar Zone Technology that gives you optimal spine support every time, Saatva mattresses remain on the top of the market and over the fall they’ve got great deals to help you save.

Layla: $200 off mattresses plus $300 in gifts: deal ends 11/27

Layla is offering great deals off sleep bundles so you can get a mattress and all the accessories you need to start sleeping better! Layla mattresses utilize copper foam and copper gel that give you variable support and adjusts to your body to give you a soft feeling without compromising your compression areas. Save big when you purchase a mattress from Layla during their Black Friday early access sale!

Amerisleep: 30% off with promo code FALL30

You’ll get 30% off any Amerisleep mattress and receive 2 free pillows with promo code BF30 when you shop at Amerisleep online! Their discount is running all fall so you can score a great mattress anytime. Their products start at budget-friendly prices and they continue to use new technology to give you a great night’s sleep.

Puffy: $300 off plus a free pillow: deal ends 11/27

Save money now by taking advantage of Puffy’s Black Friday sale! Save $300 on one of the best affordable mattresses on the market and get 15% off accessories when you buy now. Puffy offers balanced support and relaxation with every mattress!

Nolah: $300 off mattresses plus 2 free pillows: deal ends 11/27

Nolah pairs great support with excellent comfort with each of their mattresses specifically designed for back and side sleepers and you can get one today for $300 off! Not only are they offering a great discount on mattresses, but they’ll throw in 2 free pillows when you buy. Each mattress is designed to offer superior pressure relief, cooler sleep, and great durability.

Cocoon: 35% off any Chill Mattress purchase: deal ends 11/27

Cocoon has tons of great mattresses that start at already low prices and they’ve added excellent deals for Black Friday! When you buy a Chill Mattress, you’ll have an automatic 35% discount applied to your cart.  Each chill mattress is designed to grab and diffuse heat so you’ll have overall cooler sleep, no matter the size of your mattress!

Helix: $200 off mattress purchase: deal ends 11/27

Use code BLACKFRIDAY200 when checking out with your new Helix mattress to save $200 on a purchase of $1,750 or more! These mattresses have been making a splash in the market in recent years and each one is tailored to your specific needs. 

Birch: $200 off mattress purchase: deal ends 11/27

Birch mattresses feature all-natural products that help you get a great night’s sleep while still being kind to the environment. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY200 to get $200 off your purchase of a mattress during their early access sale. This is one of the best mattresses on the market and has been independently certified by numerous agencies.

Purple: $400 off a mattress and sleep bundle: deal ends 11/27

Purple is a mattress that’s hit the market hard and just kept growing! Their affordable, comfortable, and easy to access mattresses make them the hit new item this Black Friday. Save tons off this great mattress, depending on the size and style, when you shop their Black Friday early access sale online. No code is needed!

Nectar: free additional items with purchase: deal ends 11/8

While Nectar only offers one type of mattress, what they offer is a great deal and will help you get to sleep faster! Included in your purchase of a mattress, they’re offering up to $399 of included gifts like mattress covers, pillows, and bedding when you buy your next bed.

PlushBeds: $1,150 off mattresses: deal ends 11/9

Each mattress made by PlushBeds is handcrafted with sustainable materials to give you a great night’s sleep without exposing you to harsh chemicals or products. In this season of sales, you can score big by checking out and buying a mattress from PlushBeds, with no code needed!

Black Friday mattress deals

Casper: 30% off bundles: deal ends 11/27

Casper is no ghost deal offering 30% off mattress and bedding bundles and a straight 15% off mattresses with a Black Friday early access sale. Their mattresses continue to offer great support and cooling materials to give you the best night’s sleep ever. Casper has grown with its customer base and offers a mattress type for everyone!

Idle Sleep: 50% off mattresses: deal ends 11/27

No code needed to save up to 50% off great foam mattresses from IdleSleep! Also, you can cash in with 25% off hybrid mattresses on IdleSleep’s site as well. Each purchase includes 2 free Idle pillows so you’ll be set to sleep this Black Friday!

Allswell: 15% off when you sign up: deal ends 11/27

Sign up to save 15% when you buy a hybrid mattress from Allswell! Each mattress features high-tech cooling foam that helps you sleep better each night. They also keep an eye on the details by putting in additional edge support to keep you safe and comfortable each night.

Bear: 20% off sitewide: deal ends 11/27

Use the code FALL20 to get 20% off sitewide when you shop on Bear’s website! Included in your purchase are 2 free cloud pillows so you can start dreaming and snoozing sooner. Mattresses from Bear feature either memory foam or a more traditional design that gives you comfort and support in each mattress.

Leesa: $500 off mattresses: deal ends 11/27

You can save anywhere from $250-$500 off your next Leesa mattress when you shop for their ongoing sale! Each type of mattress offers a different discount but you know you’ll get the best no matter what you decide to buy. The mattresses, especially the foam ones, are designed for side sleepers and offer great pressure relief because of the responsive materials used in construction.

Loom & Leaf: $200 of any purchase of $1,000 or more: deal ends 11/9

Each Loom & Leaf mattress features handcrafted layers that involve high-density memory foam, cooling support layers, and breathable organic cotton coverings. They offer several different types of mattresses that you can choose from and their $200 off deal is applied when you checkout! No need for a code!

Zenhaven: $200 off mattress: deal ends 11/9

Made by Saatva, this mattress has all the bells and whistles like hypoallergenic, antimicrobial components and gives you two levels of comfort and support in just one mattress. Their $200 off deal is running now so you can snag a great mattress that will have you sleeping like a king!

Avocado: $200 off latex mattress: deal ends 11/27

Getting an eco-friendly mattress just got a whole lot easier with Avocado’s Black Friday deals! As Black Friday gets closer, more deals will be opening on their website that echoes the types of discounts from 2019. Use the code LATEX200 to score a new eco-friendly mattress today!

Lucid: $480 mattress: deal ends 11/27

Score a great mattress for a super low price when you snag a Lucid 14-inch memory foam Gel Infusion Kingsize for only $480! Each layer is infused with bamboo and charcoal to keep you living a life of luxury with the softest and most plush feel in your mattress. Check out their deal on Amazon!

Tuft and Needle: 10% off everything: deal ends 11/27

All of the company’s mattresses and accessories are on sale now with no need to worry about a coupon code! Score on popular mattresses, duvets, and mattress protectors with the 10% off sale happening at Tuft and Needles website. 

Latex for less: $175 off mattresses: deal ends 11/7

Get great latex mattresses for $175 off when you use the code SAVE 175 on any mattress purchase on their site. Mattresses feature natural latex, organic cotton, and pure natural wool with 2 firmnesses available injust one mattress. 

EcoTerra Beds: $175 off mattresses: deal ends 11/7

You’ll find another great mattress here at Eco Terra Beds and all of them are $175 off when you use the code SAVE175 at checkout! Eco Terra has cut out any synthetic foams and chemicals so you can get a pure night’s sleep on the best materials available in the world. Their products are natural and sustainable so do something good for your sleep and the world!

Sweetnight: up to 40% off deal ends 11/27

With extra savings coming your way this Black Friday and low prices on mattresses to start with, your sweet night’s sleep starts with a new Sweetnight mattress this holiday season! Their team is dedicated to providing great new products that help you get the best night’s sleep of your life. Deals on their site start November 15-16th and run until Black Friday.

Spindle: $220 off any queen or king mattress: deal ends 11/27

When you’re ready to upgrade from your twin-size childhood bed, grab a Spindle mattress at a huge discount this Black Friday season! Queen or King-size beds are $220 off with the code BF2020 and the sale is happening now! No need to wait in line on Black Friday, instead you can be sleeping in on your new queen size mattress while everyone else is up at 3 a.m.

Zoma: $150 off mattresses: deal ends 11/9

Grab a mattress that fits you and boosts your sleep performance with a great discount at Zoma mattress! Your new bed maybe $150 off with free shipping and returns when you use the code WIN150 at checkout.

Vaya: $300 off any mattress: deal ends 11/8

Your best night of sleep is ahead of you when you get a new mattress from Vaya! Use the promo code VAYA300 to get your new mattress headed to your front door before the holidays get hectic. Each mattress has the perfect blend of bounce and support to keep you comfy and cool all night long.

Zinus: 20% off everything: deal ends 11/28

Whether you’re looking for a great new mattress or you want to get everything else you need to make your bedroom a haven of comfort, Zinus has you covered! Jump into their Black Friday sale where they’re offering everything 20% off to get you sleeping on the best mattress of your life in no time!

Brentwood: $200 off cedar mattresses: deal ends 11/16

Get $200 off a Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress with the code CEDAR200 and start sleeping like royalty! Each mattress features natural and organic materials that are great for you and the environment. There are tons of other deals happening on the site and more being added every day. If you’re wanting to get a great, natural mattress for your home, check out Brentwood’s collection!

Dreamcloud: $200 on the mattress: deal ends 12/3

Shop straight from your old bed for a new one! This Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale is offering you the chance to bring home a great new mattress with $200 off. Each mattress has great comfort, cooling technology, and support for any sleeping position.

Classic Brands: queen-size starting at $280: deal ends 11/27

Grab a queen-size bed for the low price of just $280 this Black Friday! Classic Brands brings you the memory foam mattress that offers great comfort and support while contouring to your body and regulating your temperature. This deal is for queen size mattresses only.

Linenspa: 30% off 10-inch hybrid mattress: deal ends 11/27

With low starting prices and a great 30% off, Linenspa can help you score a great new mattress for under $200! Their hybrid mattress combines the qualities of memory foam and traditional springs to give you a great new sleeping experience that you’ll appreciate.

Perfect Fit: Amazon deals: ends 11/30

Keep an eye on deals rotating through Amazon for anything from Perfect Fit! Their deals are happening now through Cyber Monday with more discounts over Thanksgiving weekend.

Tempurpedic: 30% off mattresses: ends 11/27

Tempurpedic mattresses are high-end and pricey if you’re not using a discount code! But score big this holiday season and Black Friday by buying a Tempurpedic on their holiday sale. There are 5 different mattress types to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Black Friday mattress deals1

Big Fig: $300 off mattress: ends 11/27

Get in on big savings with the early bird Black Friday sale at Big Fig! These mattresses are specifically designed for anyone heavier. Use the code FIGFRIDAY to cash in on great discounts when buying your next mattress!

Electrowarmth: deals not yet available

When you want to stay warm and protect your mattress, check out Electrowarmth and their varied deals! Each product is designed with you and your comfort in mind and they offer a wide range of deals throughout the year including over the holiday season.

Ghostbed: 30% off sitewide: deal ends 11/27

You use your mattress for a long time so you want one that’s going to last for a while. Ghostbed is designed to be comfortable, cool, and used for the long-term! And with their 30% off deal happening for Black Friday, your back and wallet will thank you when you order one of their gel and latex mattresses!

My Green Mattress: $100 off mattresses: deal ends 11/27

When you use code FALLSAVE you’ll score big with My Green Mattress! They offer a wide range of organic mattresses for adults and children alike. Each mattress is designed with the best materials and will keep you and the environment safe and protected.

Posturepedic: 35% off any Chill Mattress: deal ends 11/27

Posturepedic mattresses are on the top of the list when it comes to high-quality products and by offering 35% off of any mattress, you can score big and start sleeping right! The Cocoon Chill mattress brings you great cool sleeping surfaces as well as support when and where you need it. No need for a code as the discount is applied at checkout!

Serta: 20% off mattresses: deal ends 11/27

Serta has been at the top of the mattress game for years and their selection of mattresses is enormous! Get the mattress that works for you and will help you start sleeping like an angel with their Black Friday discounts. Mattresses range in sizes and styles and with the discount you can score a great mattress before the big holiday rush.

WinkBeds: $300 off mattresses: deal ends 11/27

WinkBeds is working hard to innovate and provide you with the best mattress on the market! Simply sign up with them to get $300 off your next mattress purchase with their Black Friday deals. Their hybrid mattresses score well in panel tests and they’ve continued to keep prices and benefits relevant to consumers.

Top 5 mattress deals

Narrowing down the best mattress deals for the 2020 Black Friday season is a challenge! But here are the top 5 winners!

1. Avocado

This is a great natural bed that makes owning a new, cool mattress affordable for their customers. The deals are great with no twists and turns when trying to cash in on great Black Friday deals.

2. WinkBeds

Getting a great deal with them is as simple as signing up with your email address! Rather than trying to narrow down the days when you’ll hit the sale, they offer great discounts for Black Friday for a great range of days.

3. Bear

In addition to the discount on your mattress, you’ll also have two free pillows thrown in! So you’ll be set after buying your new mattress to sleep the day away at home this holiday season.

4. Classic Brands

Classic Brands offers a big, innovative mattress for a rock bottom price! And that’s just to start! They also offer new Black Friday and Cyber Monday codes as the season gets closer.

5. Purple

One of the new leaders in the ship-to-home market, Purple continues to offer a great product at an excellent price with their Black Friday discounts. Each mattress offers you the chance to cash in on more discounts by buying a bundled bed with all the trappings to get you sleeping soundly!

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