7 Reasons Why You Should You Stock Your Pantry with Different Teas

\When you find yourself taking too much soda or want to reduce your soda intake but want to substitute it for something flavorful, you should think of tea. There are varieties of teas with different flavors to suit any situation. Different teas have various health benefits, which should be reason enough to stock your pantry with different teas in form of tea bags. Let us look at why you should take different types of tea.

1. Take Ginger Tea for Nausea, Constipation, and Period Pain

Ginger Tea

When feeling sick, accompanied by chills, aches, and nausea, take a cup of ginger tea. Most of the ginger teas in the market are a blend of ginger extract and herbal caffeine-free tea. Ginger counteracts nausea, which comes with many illnesses. Taking a cup of ginger tea also relieves nausea in pregnant mothers and nausea brought about by motion sickness and cancer treatments. 

Ginger tea can also help in preventing stomach ulcers and relieve constipation. Ladies can also have a cup of ginger tea to ease period.

2. Ease Sleep Problems with Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a relaxing tea brewed from chamomile flower leaves. It has a flowery and slightly sweet taste that comforts when hot to provide relaxation before bedtime. Research shows that chamomile has sedative effects, and you can take a hot cup of chamomile tea if you have problems falling asleep. 

3. Boost Metabolism with Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is praised for boosting metabolism. It helps in weight reduction when you take it while reducing your calorie intake. Three cups of green tea burn about 100 calories, so taking a cup of green tea daily will burn 30 calories. The best time to take green tea is at night, as it will help reduce food cravings and prevent you from raiding your pantry. Jasmine tea is a type of green tea, which you can buy from Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, an online tea and coffee shop, and obtain all the benefits of green tea.

4. Reduce Cholesterol with Black Tea

Black Tea

You cannot reduce cholesterol while still indulging in fries, burgers, and soda. But, when you combine a healthy diet with black tea, your cholesterol levels will decrease. Black tea is rich in polyphenols; antioxidants beneficial to the heart. Drinking black tea three times a day reduces your risk of coronary heart disease. You can have it in form of tea bags or brew from loose leaf tea.

5. Drink Hibiscus Tea to Support Cholesterol Management

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is obtained from the hibiscus plant. It produces a red brew, which is tart and sweet, and you can enjoy it as an iced tea during the summer. Hibiscus tea has antioxidant properties. It also supports healthy cholesterol management and liver health.

6. Boost your Mental Alertness with Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

The caffeine content in oolong tea lies between that of green tea and black tea. It is a fragrant tea with a refreshing aroma. Regular intake of oolong tea prevents heart diseases, osteoporosis, tooth decay and increases your mental alertness. 

7. Drink Matcha Tea after Morning Exercises

Matcha Tea

You may not consider tea a post-workout beverage, but some teas, such as matcha, have antioxidants that fight inflammation. Matcha is a type of green tea brewed from ground whole tea leaves and water. Whole tea leaves from the tea plant give matcha more antioxidants than normal green tea. Matcha also has ECGC, a compound that contributes to the oxidation of fat during exercise. This tea has a strong taste; hence you may need to add sugar to sweeten it. However, you can use honey instead of sugar as a sweetener.

It is evident that the more types of tea you stock in your pantry, the more health benefits you will reap. Go ahead and stock that pantry with as many different teas as you can from an online tea and coffee shop. Other types of teas you can try include jasmine tea, peppermint tea, sage tea and lemon balm tea. 

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