How to Decorate Your Home With Music


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When you think of decorating your home, I’m guessing succulents, mirrors, candles, and

photographs all come to mind. These are all fitting accessories for improving ambience,

mood, and cleanliness in your living space. However, there’s another sure fire decorative tool

that is often glossed over. In all its vast paraphernalia, music is also one of the most effective

means of bringing culture and personality into your home.

Ideally, a detailed and comfortable home performs at its best when all 5 senses are accounted

for. For example, a warm blanket for touch, an incense for smell, an artwork for sight, and a

bowl of fruit for taste. When it comes to fulfilling sound, there’s no better alternative than

music. Not only does music serve as an audio stimulant, but it also serves as an excellent

opportunity to add identity and disposition to your space. Let’s run through some of the best

ways music can decorate your home.


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Vinyl is an imperative landmark for the history of music. It’s also seen a resurgence in

popularity due to its multiple qualities. Firstly, vinyl plays music at the highest possible

quality, as no audio data is removed when a record is pressed. Secondly, a vinyl retains (or

even appreciates) in value instead of CDs or streaming sites. Vinyl makes Soundcloud to mp3

look like a rookie mistake. Learn more about vinyl records at Notes On Vinyl.

Finally, there’s vinyl’s visual and storytelling perks. Album covers instantly signal to guests,

family and friends your musical interests, adding to the mood of your space. Many album

covers were designed for the large-scale display of vinyl, so they also serve as an art piece

that can rest on a shelf or be displayed like a painting. Vinyl’s outside of the cover can also

look pretty funky, and will give an indie-cafe vibe to wherever you choose to hang them.


If you’re looking to decorate your home in a playful, lively manner, look no further than

music posters. They’re cheap as chips, super easy to hang up, and assist in filling up plenty of

empty space. There’s nothing like a portrait poster of your favourite band or artist to make a

statement and set the tone for a specific room. For example, in a rumpus room, put a wild

rock band. For the bedroom, Frank Sinatra would be a classy look. Reading room? Bob

Dylan. You can get experimental with posters due to their low price. See what sticks,



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Speakers are primarily a functional item, but who says they can’t look good either? A vintage

speaker or radio can add a rustic charm to your house, while a modern speaker will keep a

room slick and clean. Wooden speakers are especially trendy right now, though they can be

expensive. If you own a gramophone, I obviously don’t need to tell you that showcasing that

beauty is an excellent idea.


If you’re a musician and own an instrument or two, don’t lock it away in a case! Instruments

are always a crowd favourite to view and admire, due to their interesting materials and

shapes. Guitars are a classic, but shiny instruments like trumpets and saxophones will capture

the attention of guests too! A fun tip: if you hang a guitar on the wall, it also serves as a

handy hat holder. Of course, the piano is a staple for any large-scale space, though a word of

warning, moving a piano is absolutely a team effort.

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