7 Paint Sprayer Tips Every Painter Should Follow

Nowadays, it feels like living under a rock when painting your new house with a brush and a tray. It takes forever and feels tired when holding the plate and brushing the whole day!

As a result, people have reached for paint sprayers as a great alternative. It solves every existing issue and spares you more time to do other tasks. But many still don’t know how to save time when using a paint sprayer.

It’s more than just spraying and spraying. Today, we will tell you 7 paint sprayer tips for a better result.

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Get All The Required Items Before Painting

Obviously, this is the first step before using your paint sprayer. You may think “Well, paints and the sprayer are all the things I need.”

Not exactly. You’ll have to get some more items to do it probably. Thinking about getting a strainer, protective gears, drop cloth, and sheetings is a brilliant idea.

Practice Before Painting

Practice Before Painting

People always say practice makes perfect. It couldn’t be more accurate in this case. Before getting your hands on the main task, try to practice on some boards or objects with a similar surface.

You can reduce more “possible” errors when painting your main project. If you want a better result, give this tip a whirl.

Move All of Your Furniture and Stuff

Move All of Your Furniture and Stuff
No one wants their room or workspace look like a hot mess. But you’ll get one for sure when using a painter spray without moving your furniture and stuff.

Especially if you have an expensive sofa or a high-end rug, then leaving them there right next to your spraying target is a big NO. Getting everything out of the room is the best idea.

However, if your space is limited, try to gather everything in the middle and have some sheets cover them. That will make sure your furniture won’t get sprayed on and cost you an arm and a leg to buy new ones (or tear your hair out trying to find a way to clean them).

Maintain Consistent Distance

While doing your painting task, remember to keep a constant distance from the sprayer to the surface before spraying. You may wonder why we say that.

Well, because of the density of colors. It won’t be consistent if the distance isn’t similar. Thus, try to maintain your nozzle at a fixed distance before each time you spray. Your result will be much better.

Create A 50% Overlap

Create A 50% Overlap
Are you facing the problem of inconsistency when using painter sprays on tiny objects? You’ve already tried a lot of tips and methods, but nothing works! Well, don’t worry. We here to shed a light of hope on you!

Try the 50% overlap method instead, which is very simple-to-do. Still, it’s able to produce a sound finishing.

All you need to do is to spray one stroke on your project. Then, for the second stroke, you begin from the middle part of the last one. And repeat the steps till you cover all of the objects.

When following these steps, the color density will be much more consistent, and the finish will be smooth and sharp.

Get The Best Spray Gun

Get The Best Spray Gun
Be careful from the first step – choosing the right spray gun! Even when you’ve achieved all the techniques, your project may still get ruined by selecting the wrong sprayer. In that case, no methods can save your day.

Combine a good sprayer with a good technique to gain your desired result. After all, ingredients do matter. If you buy a low-quality sprayer, high-quality ingredients are for nothing. Thus, if you have to sacrifice one of these two factors, go for the best sprayer. Of course, it’s better to have both of them.

Do It Carefully

Do It Carefully
Yes, little things do count. Getting things right at the beginning is a great way to start. But remember to keep an eye on your target during the process. Don’t be distracted. Hold your sprayer vertical with the object or else it’ll be uneven, especially when working with things having lots of angles.

As a result, your project wouldn’t be nice. We recommend sprayers begin with the edges of the wall first. Also, do spray angles in your reach at the start.

Then, you can apply the 50% overlap technique mentioned above. You should begin with low pressure at first, then increase bit by bit, and release when coming to the ending of the stroke. And keep it in mind that only one hand gets moving while spraying.

The Proper Way of Painting

For a more uniform result, our advice is to start your new strokes from the ending position of the last one. Most people believe that it’s much more efficient by beginning with the top edges of the objects.

Then move to the middle section to save more time. And finally, end with the below one. Experts always encourage sprayer to practice and apply the 50% overlap technique for better quality. The spraying speed, however, needs to be consistent, too.

A few more things

For practices, you can save your painting colors by using water instead. To examine the color quality of the painter, try to spray on some cardboards before getting them on your projects directly.

Also, the minimum pressure of the sprayer is the right way to start with. You then can increase the pressure rate over time. Remember adjusting the details like pressure can make a better result. Indeed, it can help to provide you with quality spray.

For stains and enamels, always keep it in the minimum pressure level. For indoor tasks, the spraying pressure setting is recommended to be at the mid-level.

On the other hand, if the exterior painting is what you’re heading for, the maximum pressure level is the way to go.

Also, the standard distance for spray painting is 12 inches away from the surface. So, remember to maintain it properly. You should hold the sprayer vertically during the whole process to manage the constant distance better. It will also help to result in an even and uniform result.

Final Words

Well, that’s all we got for you today. Head for one attempt with your paint sprayer and apply all the tips above. Without doubts, you will find it way less challenging. And the result will blow your mind away. Trust us, and you’ll be regret not to know these 7 tips earlier.

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