7 Low-Cost Materials Can Utterly Transform The Way Your Garden Looks


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Spring is coming, planning a beautification project for your garden can be done with proper landscaping. Projects like this can sometimes require high investment upfront. However, landscaping investment doesn’t always have to be expensive because there are countless of ways to make your garden look beautiful without sacrificing your budget.

If you’re planning to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to beautify your garden – we suggest that you don’t. Instead, take initiative with this list of landscaping and garden materials that are inexpensive that can transform your favorite place for relaxation into a more liveable one.

Let’s get started.

1: Stepping stones

stepping stones garden path

Adding personalized stepping stones could be a great addition to your green lawn or patio more especially if you’re trying to connect different landscape elements in your pathway. You can either do-it-yourself by purchasing materials like cement or cheap stones or you can also contact your local professional to do the installation or any labor-intensive task.The typical cost of this material can range from $20 to $100 depending on the kind of stones you’re using.

2: Mulch

mulch garden ideas
Gardening mulching is a vital step to beautify your place for entertainment and relaxation. Mulch is an inexpensive yet effective way to converse water, keep the weeds down, and protects the soil from eroding in your garden. The price could depend on the type of mulch but it typically ranges between $15 and $65 per cubic yard.

3: Bamboo

Bamboo garden ideas
This garden material can be purchased at your local garden shop or you can even plant it for free. Bamboo can be very useful for planting cucumbers, peas, or tomatoes as they make sure that they grow vertically. Plots that are made up of bamboos tend to outgrow the desired space of the garden plots.

4: Soaker Hoses

Soaker Hoses garden Design
Soaker hoses can range from $20 to $40 and it can be an alternative to a sprinkler system. It releases water near the roots of the plant to make sure that they get all the nutrients needed for their growth. This will significantly cut down your water bill.

5: Seed and seed containers

Seed and seed containers garden Design
Depending on the square footage and the time you invest in the maintenance, seed or sodding a lawn is far less expensive in terms of the material used. Seed will take more maintenance and time but it can be an effective way to add beauty to your garden.
Additionally, there are also many options when it comes to starting your seed, you can consider buying expensive materials such as peat pots, peat pellets or other containers. However, using recyclable materials such as yogurt cups, milk cartons, or even cut-off jugs is an ideal way for gardening on a budget. Just by poking some few holes in the bottoms of the chosen container and filling up with soil and seeds, you can actually create a wonderful garden with little or no money.

6: Cold frames

Cold frames garden Design
The cold frame that is constructed from a wood with a clear lid made out of plastic, fiberglass, or just glass. It is an effective and cheap way to protect the plant from infestation and helps in raising the temperature for cool-weather plants or flowers. The cost for this material can typically range from %30 to $100 depending on the type of materials used such as the wood and glass lid.

7: Pallets

pallets garden wall
Similar to the aforementioned cheap garden material – bamboo, recycled wooden pallets is a great material for any use in your garden. It can be used for garden fencing, building a compost bin, or even filling them with soil for herbs and greens.
You can check your local feed store to get some pallets. This incredibly cheap material could be purchased for about $2 to $30 or even free.


There are countless ways and cheap landscaping materials to beautify your garden without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Use and take advantage of these aforementioned cheap materials for gardening for making changes to your front and backyard in order to set yourself up for more seasons to come. Doing these garden improvement projects will not only add aesthetic-look to your curb but it can also increase its value on the market.

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