8 Tips on Decorating Your Pool Area


A well-designed home has different vibes to every section of the house and the backyard pool is supposed to give off an aura of relaxation because that’s where everyone will head over to unwind and relax after a hot day at work or school. To help you keep the pool and the surrounding area looking as good and relaxing as it possibly can, here are eight tips that should prove to be useful.

The Green Effect

You may not even realize it but all human beings by default find greenery to be relaxing and that is exactly why it’s a great idea to surround your pool with some hedges and at least one big tree. The calming impact of a properly maintained, big green tree at a little distance from the pool cannot be overstated. Just make sure you use a robotic pool cleaner for debris or leaves to keep the place clean. Dolphin Premiere pool robot is a great choice as it helps to keep it clean by cleaning corners, nooks, and niches. It removes small stuff like bacteria and algae. It comes with a scanning and navigation system through which it scans the pool and optimizes the cleaning process. The best part is when the debris bag is full, it tells you with an LED alert.

Keeping Things Simple

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Sometimes, nothing is more relaxing than simplicity and that applies to the pool area too. We have already kept it green and pleasant with the tree and the bushes, now just add a dining area beside it and you are ready to have a poolside dinner with your family. Since it’s outside the house, it is recommended that you stick with tables and chairs that can be moved easily and are inexpensive. Bad weather will rot your furniture faster than you may think.


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When the sun goes down, you have plenty of options to light up the area, but you can take the lantern route to give your pool a relaxing, vintage and mysterious vibe. In fact, a few gas lanterns might be perfect for this as a lot of world class resorts around the world use gas lanterns for their poolside lighting.

Add a Spa

Add a Spa Pool Decoration
If you love your sessions at the local spa, why not add one right beside your own pool? It’s more about adding the feel of a spa than spending money on every facility you find in a professional spa, so you don’t really have to go all out right from the beginning. You already have the pool, just add a spill-over spa and be done with it. Feel free to add scented candles and paper lanterns to add to the feel.

Keep Things Classic

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If you would prefer décor for your pool area that’s more reminiscent of the last century (and that’s a good thing), then there are many ways to go about it, but the color here is of utmost importance. For example, a brown/red deck, alternated with white is a classy color scheme to work with. You can alter the colors and make white the predominant color of course, but somehow, a primarily brown or red deck adds a bit more character to your pool area.

The Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass Pool design ideas
This tip is for those that have not yet added a pool to their house but are thinking about it nonetheless. Fiberglass pools have multiple advantages over traditional pools because they are easier and faster to install, cost less and maintenance is a breeze compared to the more traditional options. Companies like Riverina Pools have even broken away from one of the biggest disadvantages which fiberglass pools had and that is the limitation of size and shape options. They have a whole range of beautiful fiberglass pools available, along with accessories and customization options for both the pool and the surrounding area.

The Theme Pool

Now this one can get a bit expensive, but if done right, the end result can be well worth it. While each of the themes can have a separate section of its own, that would make the list way too long. The basic idea behind a theme pool is to design the surrounding area in such a way that when you finally get down into the pool or even sit beside it, you feel like you have been transported to an exotic island or beach. Popular themes include Hawaiian, Mediterranean, Latin American, and Victorian to name just a few.

Adding Shade

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We have already discussed how a tree and a few shrubs can make a big difference and add to the relaxation factor, but you can make it a lot greenerand cooler if you wish and turn your poolside into a lush, green haven of peace. The idea here is to make sure that instead of the trees being at a distance from the pool, some of the branches are actually providing the pool with some shade and privacy. It’s particularly suited if the pool in question is not that big.

Reverse Pools specialises in backyard landscaping services and can provide many great features. A gazebo is the perfect place to relax and provides plenty of shade on those hot days. The team also provides swimming pool removal for clients who decide they no longer want their pool, and can free up lots more lawn space and other entertaining areas.

Now that you have an idea about how to design the pool area, it’s time to choose an idea and get to it. You don’t have to do everything at once, but if you don’t yet have a pool, putting one in would be a great place to start!

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