7 Incredible Uses Of Masking Tape Inside Your Home


Horizontal view of woman with masking tape protecting a window before painting the wall. Decorating a new house and moving day lifestyle.

The masking tape was born out of necessity and opportunity. In 1925, an engineer working in one of the world’s major adhesive company, Richard Drew, was able to come up with an idea to create a tape with a moderate hold adhesive. 

It was thought that he created the masking tape after witnessing how challenging it was to remove adhesives out of a newly painted car. While this adhesive product’s initial purpose was to protect the edges of the car while the other parts are being painted, homeowners and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts soon found out that it can be used inside the home too. And the rest, as they say, is history.

As a household staple, it seems that there’s no end to the uses of the humble masking tape. This paper-based strip with light adhesive on the inside can be used for some activities you probably haven’t thought of:

1. For D-I-Y Work

This is probably a no-brainer. However, most people think that one can only use a roll to protect surfaces when painting –which is totally not true. Masking Tape has many other DIY uses. It’s useful for almost any home activity that requires joining together or sealing loose sections. This must-have item is also easy to remove and, most of the time, resistant to water. It’s amazing flexibility also allows it to be pasted on areas with irregular shape.   

The fact that you can use it yourself because it’s very easy to cut makes it all the more ideal for DIY-ers. Rolls of these tapes should always be stacked in your tool storage area or in any section of your home where you keep your repair items. 

Industry estimates that a masking tape with strong adhesive can last for as long as six months. 

2. Label Anything With It

Whoever said that you can’t use a painter’s tape for other purposes is seriously wrong. 

Because of its paper backing, you can write on a masking tape—perfect for when you don’t have a label maker at home. This will make it easier for everyone, especially children in the house, to find food items in the cabinet. 

The same can be done in organising toys, clothes, and other things. This way, your little one who is old enough to read won’t have to ask you every given day which box his favourite toy went into.

3. Wall Decorations

Very few may have thought that using rolls of masking tape can beautify your home. Whatever your design theme is, you can integrate your artistic inclinations by using it in your art work(s). For instance, you can form shapes in any size with masking tape to serve as guide for your wall decor. With coats of paint and other materials, you can create any art form based on your concept. When the paint has dried, remove the tape before showing your wall painting to the guests.         

4. Quick Wardrobe Fixes

Besides being a DIY-ers best friend, a masking tape can be used to keep items intact such as those frayed shoelaces on your sneakers. 

You can also attach busted hems and repair other minor wardrobe malfunctions with a masking tape, as you await to have your clothes fixed.  

female painting a wall with masking tape and brush

5. Lint Roller Alternative

Sometimes, you don’t know how damaging your detergent soap is to your clothes until lint forms all over them. So, if you can’t seem to throw away your favourite lint-laden shirt, take a small portion of the masking tape. Apply it on the affected sections, rub lightly, and peel off.    

6. Keyboard Cleaner

For deep cleaning of the embedded dirt and grime in your computer, you’ll always need a vacuum cleaner to do the job. 

However, if you want to get rid of the dirt trapped in between the ‘R’ and ‘T’ keys— or suck out the tiny morsels of crunchy cracker you just had—you can use the masking tape to clean your keyboard. Just fold the tape to fit in between the spaces of your board, and you’re good to go.  

7. Pick Up Glass Shards

Shards all over the floor from shattered glass can be highly dangerous. Apart from cleaning up and vacuuming immediately, cut a wide strip of masking tape and press it against the floor. This can help you pick up the small strips of glass that may be left on the surface even after cleaning. 

The Bottom Line

Masking tapes are versatile pieces—they can be used for a lot of household applications and not just for repair projects.

Because of its flexibility and adhesive power, a masking tape can be used to join together specific objects, or even pull dirt from hard-to-reach places. If you need quick fixes for minor outfit mishaps, you can rely on a masking tape as a temporary solution too. So, do keep these adhesive rolls handy anytime.  

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