7 Factors to Consider Before Adding Extension to Your Home

Want to have an extension to your home? There are a number of considerations to make to ensure the success of the project and to help you achieve the desired results. These factors range from the logistical to legal requirements, design energy demands among others.

An extension to your home can be useful in adding space, value, and livability to the house. Here are critical factors to consider to the home extension goes on without a hitch.

1.Where Do You Start? The design

Where Do You Start The design

Designing is the very first stage in the home extension plan.

All the extension in a home will require a custom plan which you can achieve through consulting professionals or more experienced people. It is an opportunity to increase the value of your home. Based on this and other reasons, it is paramount to get the right person to do the job.

You can get the preferred professional through asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors.

2.Find Out If the Planning Permission is required

Planning Permission is required
In many areas, the law requires homeowners to make sure the relevant authorities approve any new building or renovation plans.

It is always necessary to liaise with the local departments dealing with the housing to inquire whether you need a permit before proceeding. Also, have in mind the cost of the process. For instance, the fee for a small home renovation may differ from major overhauls

3.What is The Purpose of the Extension?

At times homeowners plunge on with the extension work, but they don’t have a clear picture of what they want to achieve.

For that reason, it is rational to know the purpose intended with the project. The plan should be indicators of your personal preference and unique aspects of the extension you prefer.

Clarity on the intended achievement with the home extension will see you cut the cost and get a detailed brief as well on the items and the space needed.

4.The Available Space

Available Space
It could be that you are looking for a living area for the entire family to enjoy, a home office or just an extra room for the visitors.
Deciding on the use of the extension will enable you to determine the kind of alterations to make on your home.

It will as well indicate the space needed and to achieve the home plans successfully. The existing rooms, for instance, can guide you to know the amount of space needed. Take time to assess if the available space is adequate to accommodate the extension comfortably.

5.Decide Where To Carry Out The Extension

It could be down, outside or up, so ground floor extensions would be the great option for all you need in it.

The additional extra level would be a great way to ensuring your backyard remains. However, it might be costlier as it requires removal of the previous roof structure, replace it with a floor structure and get the support structure of the new floor.

An additional floor has a potential to add to the aesthetic value if correctly done. It is worth consulting to ensure there is a balance between the practical as well as the artistic aspects.

6.Consider The Access Restrictions.

home with restricted access
In case you live in a home with restricted access that is likely to affect the design options you may have. For instance, you may not be able to apply your preferred construction method, or you may need to organize with the neighbors to have the fence temporarily removed and use their land in the short term.

In other words, depending on the kind of adjustment you want to make, you must consider the overall effect, including the neighborhood.

7.Connecting the Old to the New Extension

Old to the New Extension
How well the extension suits alongside the original home will undoubtedly impact on the success of the extension work. You may choose to have the extension contrast or compliment the main house.
To ensure success in the extension of the property, then it is critical to source materials that match.


Large extensions may involve a lot of extensions may take up to six months or more and especially if it involves a storey extension.

It is advisable to have an expert builders as well as a schedule of work to see that every phase is complete in the expected timeline. It will save you the hassle of living in the building site for months.

Ensure you check on the impact that the extension on the building will have on the quality of life and check to see that the effect is minimal.

Always remember that it might take you some time before undertaking a similar project. For this reason, ensure that you give it a good shot while staying within your budget.

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