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7 Errands You Can Take Care of From Home

Errands will always need to be done, but for many, the way they are getting done is changing.

In an increasingly more virtual and technology-dependent world, your daily chores are getting an upgrade, and now many of the essentials can be checked off your to-do list without stepping foot outside of your home.

Read on for 7 errands that you can now take care of from home.

1. Having that medical issue checked out

This is a big time and hassle saver for many people, and telemedicine clinics are now on the rise to help you get some medical advice or prescriptions for numerous non-urgent issues.

So, if you have a lingering minor health issue that you would like to get a medical opinion on, do a quick search for what is ailing you and it is likely that there is an online clinic for it.

Of course, for acute, chronic, complicated, or more dangerous conditions, there is no substitute for emergency or in-person care, but for nagging or slightly annoying issues — telemedicine is there.

Strut Health is an online telemedicine clinic that has a focus on skin, sexual health, hair, and nails. Have something in that realm you have been meaning to check out? It may be a good time to give telemedicine a try.
Having that medical issue checked out

2. Getting your medication from the pharmacy

This goes along with the above, but this is also becoming a task which can easily be completed from your home.

Many local pharmacies are doubling down on at-home delivery for medications, and it is a win-win because they can send your medication off with their driver to make the in-store environment less crowded, while you are able to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Usually, all that it takes to get your medication delivered is to ask your pharmacy (if they haven’t already asked you), and many even do same day delivery.

If you are combining this with a telemedicine visit, many companies go ahead and include medication shipments to your home in the cost of the medication or visit.

3. Faxing that document

No one even has a fax anymore, yet there are still those few pesky times throughout the year where for whatever reason, you need to fax something.

Until the world catches on that faxing is an outdated route of transmission, you can skip having to run out and scour your town for a public-use fax machine and do everything from your computer. Instead use ifaxapp

for a smooth faxing of documents.
Faxing that document
With websites like hellosign.com, you can securely and legally sign and fax documents completely free of charge.

4. Returning that Amazon purchase

Did that swimsuit you bought off amazon turn out to look nothing like the image?

Return it without having to make an extra post office or fedex run by quickly requesting a return on the website.

They will either issue you a printable return label, or the delivery driver can print one out for you when picking up the item from your front door.

5. Getting that workout in

Exercise is a must, but venturing out to get a sweat going isn’t.

Whether you are into yoga, jogging, or lifting weights, you can easily pick out some at-home gym equipment for a fraction of the cost of an annual gym membership.

Or, if you want to make it a cost savings experiment, use the wide variety of free workout tutorials on youtube to become a yoga or pilates pro without having to head out to 1 hot yoga session.

6. Grocery shopping

Everyone needs groceries, but you no longer need to physically go to the store to pick out each item — even if you are a super picky shopper.

Grocery delivery apps are on the rise, and with little perks like being able to add a note for each item (i.e. “avocados that are fully ripe please”), and being able to select the product exactly while building your list, you know that you will be getting what you want.

Many shoppers will also alert you when items are out of stock to ask you what you would like to substitute with.
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There is a small fee attached to the delivery and the products themselves are slightly marked up, but with all the time and energy you save from having to wander the aisles yourself, it may be worth it.

7. Deposit checks

No one likes having to go to the bank, and while sometimes you can’t get out of it, making a few simple check deposits is likely a time that you can skip the trek.

Most large banks now encourage you to use their app in order to check your balance, but you can normally also take photos of signed checks and deposit them using just a photo of the front and back.

This is a big time-saver, and makes it that you don’t have to step foot outside your house while getting your finances in order.


Chores and errands are a fact of life, and while you can’t stop doing them, you can use these 7 pieces of technology to stay at home and make them a whole lot easier.

Get that funky toenail checked out, fax your signed document, knock out a 30 minute vinyasa yoga session, and grocery shop for the week in no time with the help of technology — all from the comfort of your own home.

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