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7 Decor Ideas for Babies First Room

7 Decor Ideas for Babies First Room

Decorating a baby’s first room is an exciting task. There are so many inspirations online to refer to, and it can be challenging to settle on one theme or design style for the room.

It is also difficult to stop once you embark on the room decorating journey. So, if you are planning to decorate your baby’s first room, here are seven tips to help you plan it out.

Add a Rug

Add a Rug

Rugs can change a room. Rugs come in various colours, textures and styles for you to choose from, and these decorative pieces are not always costly either.

Even if your room features a carpeted floor, rugs can still work as a good decoration piece. It can also retain more heat in the place, which can be handy for winter.

Vertical Design

Without any furnishing at eye-level, the room can appear a little bare. If you are not staying in a rented apartment, you have the freedom to install wall shelves, pictures and other wall accessories.

However, if you are not permitted to install these wall decors, you can make use of taller furniture pieces to make up for the empty wall spaces.

Try adding standing lamps, a full-height bookshelf or any other similar tall structures.

Always Color-Match

Try to choose a colour palette that you like and stick to it. You would be surprised by how amazing a room can look if you just colour-match your furniture first.
Always Color-Match
Try applying the same colour palette to your baby’s belongings – everything from your child’s car seat to the primary colours of the pictures that you hang on the walls. You can also get some fabric covers to make sure furniture pieces complement the room better.

Choose Items That are Easy to Clean

Did you know that there are washable wallpapers? You will be glad to know that such things exist for when your baby starts to draw on the wall.

On a related note, try to avoid colours and materials that are hard to clean. Where possible, opt for furniture pieces that have easy-to-wipe surfaces.

Alternatively, you can also get furniture with covers that you can replace. With this furniture, it will be easier and cheaper to clean any mess your toddler makes!

Use Functional Decoration

Add on shelves that can double as a diaper station, or get a crib with space at the bottom where you can store your toddler’s toys. You can also add smaller decorative pieces – as long as it serves additional functions.

As an example, you can install decorative hooks on which you can hang your toddlers’ clothes. Shorter pieces of cotton lines can also be installed with small clothes pegs for them to hang some clothes themselves.
Use Functional Decoration
Even wall shelves can be decorative if you know how to paint it to match the theme.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Rather than installing multiple photo frames, why not install a bigger board where you can pin up photos and change them easily over time?

A lot of seemingly fancy room decorations can be done with just a little effort and minimal maintenance.

If cork boards are not your thing, you can try using raffia strings and cute clips to hang some lightweight photos, arts and pictures around the wall.

Consider Temporary Room Sharing

If you already have another child, you can consider just adding another crib to the room to save some money. You might already have set a theme for your first child’s room, so you only need to get a matching crib to get the bedroom ready.
Consider Temporary Room Sharing
If you have a spare room, you can then choose an entirely different theme for this new room, or give it one that matches your elder child’s. The choice is yours.

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