Great Reasons to Install A DIY Wood Plank Ceiling


Wood Plank Ceiling

Typically, wood plank ceilings can be considered as one of the unique designs in almost all home interiors. In fact, several interior designers love this type of ceiling because it creates a practical yet elegant décor in all parts of your house, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and many more.

And because of its growing popularity in the home construction and remodeling industry, a wood plank ceiling has become one of the exciting ways for DIY homeowners to remodel their space with style. Not only that, but its installation provides a variety of benefits.

So, if you consider a DIY wood plank ceiling for your home, stay on this article to learn more about why you should install this ceiling treatment anytime soon.


One of the best reasons why you should start using a DIY wood plank ceiling is its ecological benefits. The first thing that you should remember is the fact that this ceiling design is considered as one of the most ecological raw materials available in the market today. In other words, it’s a natural product that doesn’t involve any industrial process in all aspects of its processing and, more importantly, it requires less power when processed, unlike other materials such as plastics, aluminum, and many more.

Second, installing a DIY wood plank ceiling provides natural insulation, thanks to the wood’s porous inner structure, which helps store heat. For that reason, it consumes less energy, giving your entire house high insulation. Lastly, this ceiling treatment is also environmentally-friendly because it’s easily recyclable, which means you can repurpose it to any usable by-product later on. And if you don’t want to recycle it, a wood plank ceiling can decompose, which doesn’t cause pollution.

Aesthetically Beautiful

Ideally, there’s something unique and beautiful in making wood as part of your home interior design. Because of its richness in texture, visual appeal, and spectacular beauty, installing a wood plank ceiling can be an excellent décor for your home. Whether it’s a modern or contemporary home design, this type of wood ceiling is aesthetically beautiful. Besides, natural wood in the form of planks remains to be one of the materials with the best aesthetic value.


Compared to other home construction and remodeling processes, installing a wood plank ceiling on your own can be much easier and faster. The step-by-step procedures are easy to understand, which is why it’s famous for most DIY homeowners who are looking to build or remodel their house.
Below are the simple installation procedures to keep in mind from the get-go:

  • Measurement Of The Ceiling And Selection Of Planks – The first step is to measure your home’s ceiling and choose the wood planks you’re going to use. You need to get the length and width measurements to come up with the square footage of the ceiling. Once you’ve got the measurements, look for planks that cover the entire square footage of your ceiling.
  • Priming And Painting Of Planks – After the selection of wood planks, the next step is to pour primer onto your paint tray and apply it to your planks using a foam roller. Once the primer is dried up, apply the paint.
  • Cutting Of Planks – Figure out how wood planks can fit your ceiling and, from there, cut the planks using a chop saw.
  • Installation Of Planks – Place the planks against the wall and attach them to your ceiling by using a finishing nailer.

However, if you don’t have time to install a wood plank ceiling by yourself, you can hire a home remodeling service provider like Construction 2 Style to handle the whole process for you.


Since wood is a natural material, using it as a ceiling treatment can be an ideal home décor. With proper maintenance, you’re able to keep your installed wood plank ceiling for a long time and, more importantly, enjoy its beauty for many years. Therefore, installing this kind of home décor can be a significant investment when it comes to home construction or remodeling.


Typically, wood as a home décor can come in several forms. It can be in planks, panels, and anything that you want your interior design to look like. This is why installing a wood plank ceiling is always worth a try. Moreover, this style of the ceiling can hide imperfections found on the central ceiling and can even cover your electrical wiring.


Indeed, a wood plank ceiling can make your house more refreshing and beautiful. Whether you do install it on your own or hire a home remodeling service contractor, investing in it can be an excellent decision you can make for your humble abode.

Thus, if you want to ensure you’re making the right decision, keep these great reasons in mind as to why you should remodel your house with a wood plank ceiling.

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