7 Benefits of Window Double Glazing and Tips on How to Keep Them Clean

When it comes to construction innovations in material strengthening, double glazing windows is the new kid on the block. This layering of panes oftentimes called “multiple glazing” is becoming the freshest “It” standard for glass window assembly and manufacturing.

From commercial to residential establishments, here are some benefits of why you should consider Homeshiled double-glazing for your windows, too.

Benefits Of Double Glazing Windows

Benefits Of Double Glazing Windows

1. Better Security

Your security should always be at the topmost pedestal whether you’re at home or in the office. With so many gadgets and gizmos to safeguard an establishment, people forget that glass windows are among the most fragile parts of a building that require reinforcements.

But this can change with double-glazed windows. By the name itself, it’s a double, triple, and other times, multiple layering of glass that results in strengthened panes. They’re tough to break and brake into, and they’ll keep their quality for a longer period of time compared to the single-glazed type.

2. Excellent Insulation

This is one of the main features that put double-glazed panes a notch higher than their single-glazed counterpart. Through its heightened insulation, it prevents too much heat transfer from outside and into a room. At the same time, it also stops heat from escaping your home during colder seasons.

Call it a win-win. It’s great for keeping you cool when summer’s right outside, knocking in all its blazing heat. Alternately, you get to be snug and warm indoors when winter’s freezing temperatures make their entrance.

3. Lower Energy Bills

In relation to number 2, double-glazed windows’ insulating capacity will directly and very positively impact the lowering of your residence’s energy bills. It’s exactly because this window material will act as a temperature regulator, sans the need for electricity overuse.

During colder climates, you won’t have to turn the heater up to max. And when it’s beach weather, you can set the air conditioning to “moderate.” These small changes will do in lowering the numbers on your electricity bill at the end of every month.

3. Noise Barrier

Thirdly, glazed windows provide noise reduction precisely because their multiple layers offer a thickness that allows sound to bounce off the panes’ surface instead of letting them through. Thus, you get a room that’s soundproof!

Of course, the overall level of soundproofing will depend on how many layers of glass panes will be fused together, alongside the type of walls and furniture situated in a given space. Nevertheless, the thicker the outcome of the double-glazing, the better it will be for the acoustics of your home and office.

4. Reduced Condensation

This has to do with the way moisture and water droplets cling to windows and makes for obscured viewing when you peer through them. It’s an occurrence that results from how glass has a generally cooler temperature compared to room temperature. And when you turn the heater up, the more likely this will happen. That, and as an aftereffect of humidity, too.
Reduced Condensation
When not wiped and cleaned properly and regularly, these droplets will end up forming moulds and mildew in the frame of the windows. Or worse, water damage on its sides which can cause rotting and rusting. Double-glazing will assist in avoiding these problems.

5. Amazing Aesthetic

Finally, its aesthetic appeal. They’re absolutely gorgeous to the eye and can up the entire appearance of any place. It definitely brings about a luxurious feel that you usually see on 5-star hotels. They’re a going to be a bit heavier on the wallet compared to single-glazing costs but you’ll actually be saving more in the long-run.

6. Protects Interior Furnishings From Fading

When your furniture sets are exposed to too much sunlight for long periods of time, they’ll end up losing their original hue and succumb to fading. In addition to this, they may age quicker than they should on average.

With double-glazed windows, you can shield them from overexposure to the sun’s damaging rays and prevent them from said damage.

7. Repair Reduction

On account of the durability of double-glazed windows, their surfaces are reinforced to heighten their capacity against pressure. Isn’t it frustrating when, with single-glazed windows, a tiny crack on one pane means having to replace the entire windowpane set?

This will no longer happen once you have double-glazed glass installed. Breaks and cracks won’t occur (if at all) as much as they do on ones that are single-glazed. That’s equivalent to fewer repairs needed on a wider scale imaginable.

Tips On How To Clean And Maintain Double-Glazed Windows Like A Pro

Clean And Maintain Double-Glazed Windows Like A Pro
Although we’ve mentioned how certain types of double-glazed glass need less upkeep in cleaning and maintaining them, you’ll discover that a wipe and swipe every once in a while can bring back their shine and keep blurry panes at bay.

The Soap Plus Water Duo

There’s nothing like a good window washing with soap and water. Or better yet, purchase a window cleaning product in place of regular soap. This isn’t a new method. Nor is it a magical solution for window cleaning. It’s simple and practical, and very easy to do.

As a side note, be mindful of the cleaning material you’ll select. It’s best to stay away from ones with strong bleach and other solvents that may prove damaging to the window surface. Also, you can have a go at steam and vacuum products that are specifically meant for keeping double-glazed panes sparkly clean. They’re a good investment you might want to bear in mind.

Double-glazed windows in themselves are a beauty. All you have to do is keep them so by cleaning and washing them gently. Choose soft-bristled brushes or cloth materials. By the way, the first is an effective cleaning tool especially for window panes with intricate patterns.

Window Frames

A major cause for why those lines and streaks on window panes appear is that their frames tend to collect dirt and accumulate over time. No matter how often you wipe glass, if the frames are left unattended, they’ll simply make your efforts turn to naught.

Therefore, be sure to pay attention to those crisscrossing bars, and other frame patterns at that. Non-abrasive materials like microfibre towels, sponges (the softer side as opposed to the rougher end), and chamois leather.
Window Frames
More than the washing and wiping, use a different cloth or sponge to pat down any water trickles well. Then, leave them to dry before closing the windows on them shut.

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