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Benefits of Using CBD Oil Products for Pets

Benefits of Using CBD Oil Products for Pets

CBD which is a short form of the word cannabidiol is a potent medication derived from the cannabis plant. It is usually extracted from hemp rather than marijuana which are the two main cannabis plants. Hemp is preferred because it has little or no concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the substance in the plant that gives it its psychoactive effect. Other substances that can be found in the hemp plant include flavonoid, omega-fatty acids, essential oil, and terpenes.

Cannabidiol can be used by both humans and animals and there are many products available for both classes of users including CBD oil, CBD Gummies, vapes, chews, pills, capsules, treats, and so on. For your pets such as your dog and cats, CBD can be administered and absorbed sublingually via the oil, it can be ingested through chews and treats or through the administration of capsules or pills. You may also apply it topically to the skin of your pet. You can find more information here.

Benefits of CBD to Your Pet

Pets are very important animals to humans for the companionship and friendship that they offer. Being living things, they need all the care and attention that they can get especially when they are ill. Thankfully, cannabidiol is one medication that can be administered to treat a lot of the ailments that they may experience. Some of these include:
Benefits of CBD to Your Pet


For animals experiencing any form of anxiety such as separation anxiety, anxiety due to noise, stress, or sickness, CBD can be used to calm such animals. It will help your pet become relaxed and even fall asleep.


Sometimes, pets much like humans may have cancer and this can be tough on them. The good news is that cannabidiol can be used to stop the cancer cells from spreading and in no time, it will cause the tumor cells to die and relieve your pet from it.

Pain and Inflammation

As animals get older, there is a likelihood that they begin to experience pain and inflammation in their joints which could result in other things especially lethargy and discomfort. Administering CBD will help relieve them of their pain. Conditions that cause pains such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, lupus, etc. can also be treated using it.

Keeping Your Pet in Good Health

CBD is not only useful when your pet is in bad health. Even when they are in good health, constant and daily usage can be used to maintain their wellbeing, preventing the likelihood of them contracting any form of sickness and diseases. It will enable them to eat well, have strong bones, stay alert, agile as well as very active. You’ll find your beloved pet full of energy.

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What Is the Best Way of Administering CBD to Your Pet?

Cannabidiol can be administered to your pet in several ways but the most common and effective way is sublingually through the use of CBD oil tinctures. This is mainly because it is easy to use tinctures to give 2 to 3 drops of oil underneath their tongues which will enable it enter into their bloodstream in no time.

When using other forms of cannabidiol products, you may not be able to get an accurate measurement of the quantity to be administered.
What Is the Best Way of Administering CBD to Your Pet
With CBD oil, there are precise measurements based on your pet’s size, weight, and the kind of ailment that needs to be treated. CBD oil can also be applied directly on your pet’s skin or added to their food. Other popular products for pets include capsules, pills, and treats.

Side Effects

A major good news about using cannabidiol is that so far, no incidents of any serious side effects have been reported. For new users though, you may notice slight symptoms such as

  • Lethargy
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of appetite
  • Dry mouth

All these will disappear in no time as your pet gets accustomed to using it. If you notice any other symptoms or that these symptoms do not seem to go away after a while, it may be likely due to the use of a poor product or a dosage problem. This is why you should ensure to buy from trusted sources like holistapet where you will not only get good quality products but also help with dosage guides. Whatever the case, you need to consult your vet immediately so you know what to do.


To ensure the continued well-being of your pet, whether they are ill or not, you can always administer cannabidiol. You should endeavor to buy products that are organic and natural from trusted sources to avoid any unnecessary side effects or harm coming to your pet.

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