7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Iced Tea that will Surprise you for Sure!

When you ask a tea lover “Why do you drink tea?” The answer is always pretty obvious and they respond with “Why not?” Tea is a simple solution on delighting your taste buds and building up your health routine. Feeling sleepy? You take a cup of tea. You feel stressed? You drink a cup of tea. Feeling bored? You take a cup of tea. Tea is considered the second most consumed beverage in the world. And when you are talking about iced tea it sure has a whole host of benefits. With sugary sugar cubes and perhaps a hint lemon flavor, iced tea is a chilly drink to make you chilled.

Let’s find out what iced tea has to provide us in-between sipping it and saying “Ah! What a wonderful cup of tea!
Iced tea for hydration

Iced tea for hydration: Even though there is no replacement of water in the case of making you hydrated. Some people don’t like the taste of plain water. Iced tea can be a reliable option in this case yay! Iced tea with a hint of mint is like a cherry on the top moment which not only hydrates you but also kills germs and bad smell of your mouth.

Iced tea in burning calories: Good news for the one who wants to lose weight as iced tea offers you to lose weight faster than hot tea does! As ice tea is cold and it makes your body cold, your body has to give up more energy to come back to its normal temperature which results in burning calories.
Iced tea for hydration
Iced tea could fight cancer: The Tea Association of USA has explained that tea compounds such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are helpful for fighting cancer. Also, a lot of people think green tea is better than iced tea. Which is a wrong concept as both the types have their own benefits in different fields and iced is tea is no less special in fighting diseases.

Iced tea in pregnancy: During pregnancy, tea is one of the healthiest drink a woman can consume. Moreover, iced tea is more beneficial during this time as it contains antioxidants which are prevention to DNA damage. It also keeps your brain active and it helps a pregnant woman to warry off her morning sickness. Giving a sip on that icy liquid on high-temperature day will give you delight as well as it will boost up your energy too.
Iced tea in making you and your nerves chill
Iced tea in making you and your nerves chill: Face it: today’s world is packed up with stress. Eventually, this stress leads you to health and mental problems. Studies show that the people who consume tea get de-stressed more quickly than the ones who don’t. Yes, an easy way to de-stress yourself is to sit down and have a nice cup of tea. That’s right! drinking iced tea is a better option in this case as well. It stimulates you to remove stress and anxiety and gives you instant refreshment.

Also, you can arrange iced tea parties as a cup of tea has been a center for social gatherings for a long time now. Frankly speaking, there’s no better way to catch up with your friends without having a refreshing cup of tea.

Iced tea and teeth benefits: Many studies show that tea ingredients are good for your teeth. Your teeth enamel gets strong because of these ingredients. As a result, it helps to prevent tooth loss. Drinking iced tea might help to change the pH of your teeth and mouth are which will prevent cavities. Also, studies say it appears no harm to a tooth.
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Iced tea helps your heart: People love sugary drinks. But the value and benefits of most of the sugary drinks are very less. The sugary drinks we naturally see contain no nutritional values at all and contain calories which are rather harmful to our body then useful. In this regard, iced tea isn’t much harmful as a sugary drink. It contains no calories and it is beneficial to your heart. It contains flavonoid which is against heart disease. So, drinking a lot of iced tea will not only help you to stay hydrated but also will decrease the chances of heart disease from your body.

Iced tea can help you to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing. It also adds up a boost to your immune system and is a powerful cure during the time of illness. In hot days it comes as a blessing and nothing can be better than it. One can also buy an ice tea maker to make life easier and make one’s own cup of iced tea. So research up iced tea maker reviews for buying the perfect iced tea maker for yourself.

Well, iced tea isn’t just ice, sugar and milk. Go crazy! Mix stuff up. Add lemon or honey or mint or ginger. Raspberries and orange slices will also go well if you want uniqueness to your taste buds. Mix, drink, have fun, do tea parties and score some health benefits along the way! But yes don’t overdo it.

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