7 Aircon Installation Tips from the Pro

Though it seems to be very easy to install an air conditioner but for the proper working of all of its components, it can be a complicated effort. The working of your appliance can be affected by improper installation of aircon. Some aircon installation tips from an experienced professional are provided here under to help you in this regard.

  • Proper selection of the system: In order to get better cooling and humidity control at low cost you must select an aircon of suitable size. If it is oversized then it can increase your power consumption and the changes in temperature may not be comfortable. If it is undersized even then it may not cool your home properly and consume more power for this purpose. So to know the exact size of aircon for your room you should call a reputable aircon contractor who will guide you in this regard after measuring your property in detail including its walls, floors, windows, and doors, etc.

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  • Proper positioning of the aircon: Aircon installation at the right position is also important to get the better cooling effect in your home. In order to allow your aircon cool your home easily, you should place it in a shady area but it should not be blocked by shrubs and trees. To ensure proper drainage of window AC you should tilt it slightly backward. Your aircon can reduce your power consumption if it can run in a well
  • Proper insulation: It is important to insulate your room properly to get a better cooling effect on it. You should fill insulation foam between the bottom and top of the window panes while installing a window AC. Similarly, the ducts should be of the right size in case of installing a split AC. Any mistake in the size of the duct can affect the cooling efficiency of your device. Moreover, ducts should also be sealed properly otherwise it has to work more to cool your room as the cooled air will be leaking from the duct.

Proper positioning of the thermostat

  • Proper positioning of the thermostat: During aircon installation thermostat should never be placed near the appliances generating heat. It can increase your power consumption if the thermostat is wrongly positioned as your AC will have to work for a longer time to give expected results. It will also affect the lifespan of the unit as well as create an unhealthy and humid environment in your room.
  • Poor quality of indoor air: The efficiency of your aircon will be affected if the quality of your indoor air is poor due to pollen, mold, mildews and resins in your carpets and rugs. If the air circulation in your room is not enough or it has a high humidity level then its indoor air will be more polluted, which can affect the working of your aircon. So, before installing an aircon you should reduce pollutions level in your room with the help of an experienced and reliable aircon contractor.
  • Check leaks: Even if you are installing a new air conditioner, you should check its leaks as any leakage in the level of Feron or coolant can affect its performance. Any leak in the coolant will not only increase your power bill but can also cause health problems. Normally while installing a new aircon most installers do not check leaks which can prove to be harmful to the homeowner as your unit can leak due to damage during transportation.

Selection of right installation contractor

  • Selection of right installation contractor: While hiring an aircon installation contractor you should choose one with whom you can feel comfortable. The professional contractor you choose should be able to finish the installation properly. Your focus should be on the experience and reliability of the service provider instead of his price only. The low costing service provider may not be trained well and may not be able to install your aircon properly. So while choosing an aircon installation service you should be careful and enquire about his reputation in the market.


Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up aircon installation can be an easy task for you. You can get efficient cooling, save a lot of money and increase the lifespan of your aircon by hiring an experienced and well-trained service provider. You should inquire carefully about the aircon installer before hiring him for this purpose. If you are looking for aircon supplier in Singapore, you may consider: https://www.air-con.com.sg/

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