7 Advanced Features Which a Door-Bell Should Have

Unlike past, nowadays, people prefer to place wireless equipment inside their place, as they are easy to install and maintain the aesthetics of the place. If you have recently renovated your house and are searching to place trendy call-bell at your place then it is advised to look for the best wireless doorbell.

Through the help of this sophisticated equipment, you will be able to know the person who is waiting right outside your door.

7 essential features that you get

Make sure they are waterproof

Make sure they are waterproof

The advanced doorbells come with water resistant feature. So, you can easily place it right outside your home premises and do not have to bother about the equipment getting damaged during the rainy season. Being resistant to water will also help you to save a considerable amount of money on future repair and replacements.

A video is an added facility

If you are living with elderly parents and children then it is essential to get the bell which also showcases the real-time video of a person who is ringing the bell outside the house. One should also see to it that the video recording is being offered in, at least 720p which will help you to recognize the face of a person.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity
While you are shopping for the doorbell, make sure that it also offers you impeccable, connectivity to the Bluetooth. This facility will help you to monitor the whereabouts of a person through your mobile phone. One should also consider buying the product which offers connectivity to multiple cell phones which will offer more security to your place and loved ones.

Design and ringtone

If you want to give a trendy look to your place then it is advised to purchase doorbells which have a compact and sleek look. You can purchase products which glow in the dark which not only provides a great look for your place but also helps your guests to let you know that they have arrived. One may also download a wide range of ringtones for the call-bell according to the festive season or their preference.

False alarm and range

The doorbells do not come with any false alarm systems that may unnecessarily disturb you either in the middle of the night or while you are doing some daily chores. They also offer a range of 800 to 1000 feet. This feature will help you to hear the ringtone even if you are sitting at your backyard or working at the garage.

Ease of customization

Ease of customization
The modern doorbells can easily be customized after a sudden power outage, thus a person does not have to set every other program in the gadget. On the other hand, they also allow you to turn the doorbell into sleep mode during the night hours.

Number of receivers

The advanced doorbells offer a larger number of receivers and give you ease in hearing the ringtone if you are living in a large apartment or in a big house. They also have receivers which lit small light whenever someone rings your call-bell.

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